Lack of Logistics Hamper Gender Activities in Nimba



Lack of logistical support is said to be hampering the activities of the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection in Nimba County.

Speaking to the Daily Observer in an exclusive interview in Sanniquellie earlier this week, the Gender Coordinator, Mrs. Yaah Belleh Suah, said their activities in Nimba are being hampered because they do not have vehicles to move around the county, and there was no internet facility to enhance smooth communication to the central office in Monrovia.

“We do not have a car to visit other parts of the county where our women’s groups are based and undertaking projects,” she said.

She also lamented that the Nimba Office doesn’t have a modem for internet connectivity to communicate with its central office in Monrovia.

“Despite these challenges,” she said, “we manage to use other offices to make sure that our reports are prepared for sending.”

There are many women’s groups operating under the Gender Ministry in Nimba County.

Some of these groups have been cooperating and generating huge sums of revenue every month.

One of the groups transformed its women’s center to a ‘community bank’ in the border town of Karnplay where most of the farmers are now saving their money.

The women’s groups in Sanniquellie are gearing up to open another community bank in Sanniquellie, using one of their warehouses under the supervision of the Gender Ministry.

 Women activities are ongoing in other parts of Nimba, including Tappita, Yarwin Mensonnoh, Zoe Geh, but the lack of logistics is hampering their supervision.

Nimba County has 17 administrative districts with meaningful women’s activities, according to local officials here.

The county is one of the bread baskets of Liberia, with women   playing major roles in food production. Some of the major women’s groups include the Gbehlay Geh, the Sanniquellie Women, and Ganta Concerned Women.

A cassava processing plant for one of these groups boosts the production of farina. Most of the activities are under the supervision of the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection.


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