Lack of Board of Directors Hampers JFD Hospital’s Operation

Paramount chiefs were among the delegates at the Nimba County sitting

…Says Administration

The Administration of Jackson Fiah Doe Referral Hospital in Tappita, Lower Nimba County, has said that the hospital’s lack of Board of Directors is one of the key factors hampering the facility from getting needed financial assistance from government and partners.

The board of directors’ key purpose is to ensure the hospital is run efficiently and collectively by directing its operation, whilst meeting the appropriate interests of government and shareholders.

The hospital’s deputy administrator, Ebenezer Toe Strother, told the Nimba County Council sitting in Sanniquellie on September 1 that the absence of the board to take comprehensive decisions that would improve the facility is obstructing the effective managerial aspect of the hospital.

“The absence of a board to regulate, lobby and coordinate the managerial activities of the hospital is greatly hampering our operation to improve  the facility,” Strother told the gathering to the disbelief of some of the caucus members.

Other challenges the hospital outlined include bad road, some of the patients’ inabilities to pay for services they receive, the lack of a psychiatric clinic, the continual reduction in the budgetary allotment of the hospital, and the failure of the county leadership to get involved with the well-being of the facility.

Psychiatry is the medical specialty devoted to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of mental disorders (crazy people). These include various maladaptations relating to mood, behavior, cognition, and perception.

Rep. Gwiakolo, co-chair and Sen. Johnson, Chair at the County Sitting

The Administration therefore stressed the need to construct a medical college, more housing units for nurses, and other staffs as well as to get connected to power supply by the West Africa Power Pool.

This is Nimba County’s first County Sitting following three years. This sitting brought together 113 delegates, excluding 11 lawmakers, who were all in attendance

The Council Sitting allows key institutions, lined ministries, concession companies operating in the county to have their share of the county social development fund, which now amounts to US$3 million.

However, the hospital has appealed for additional financial assistance to train more Liberian doctors in specialized areas, to reduce the burden of hiring foreign doctors.

Mr. Strother told the body the hospital is spending too much money on  foreign specialized doctors, “because if we train our Liberian doctors in any of the specialized areas, we will pay less than what we are paying to hire foreign doctors.”


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