LACE Executive Director in Court for US$1,150 Unpaid Vehicle Debt

Temple of Justice, Capitol Hill, Monrovia

Businessman Isaac Yoryor has taken Pepsi Yekeh, executive director of Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE) to the Monrovia City Court at the Temple of Justice on Capitol Hill in Monrovia for his failure to pay the balance of US$1,150 on a 2007 Honda CRV Pickup he bought from him in February, 2018.

The 2007 Honda CRV Pickup, according to the court’s document obtained by the Daily Observer, was valued at US$9,000.

Mr. Yoryor is the executive director of Canadian Connection Incorporated based in Canada. The court has not set any date for the appearance of Yekeh.

The court document alleged that Yoryor imported 12 vehicles, including the Honda CRV vehicle into the country in December, 2017.

Yoryor claimed that in February, 2018, he was approached by one of his Methodist Church members (the executive director of Liberia Telecommunications Corporations), Richard Tobii, that Yekeh had expressed interest to buy the vehicle at the price of US$9,000.

He said in the presence of Tobii, he and Yekeh later entered an agreement, of which they agreed for him to pay US$9,000 but through four installments.

Upon the completion of the arrangement, Yoryor said Yekeh on February 28, paid US$4,000 against the US$9,000. On that same day, Yoryor said Tobii on behalf of Yekeh paid US$500, thus totaling US$4,500, half of the money.

Again, on June 2, Yekeh made an additional payment of US$2,500, and on November 9, Yekeh paid US$853 leaving the balance of US$1,150 of which the plaintiff had been finding it difficult to have Yekeh pay, leaving to no alternative, but the court’s action.

Prior to taking Yekeh to the City Court, Yoryor filed a complaint against Tobii, who introduced him to Yekeh to the office of Montserrado City Solicitor, Attorney Alfred Bandiyo.

Shortly afterward, Bandiyo scheduled a conference between Yoryor and Tobii on December 7.

At that conference in the office of the City Solicitor, Tobii denied ever introducing Yekeh, and also denied having any knowledge about the transaction between Yekeh and his church mate Yoryor.

It was Tobii’s denial that resulted in Yoryor filing the matter before the court, which hearing was scheduled for Monday, December 17, 2019. Unfortunately, Yekeh did not attend yesterday’s hearing.

The case continues.


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