LACC’s Progress ‘Marred by Public Debate of My Person’

The embattled Chairman of the LACC, Cllr. Augustine Ndubusi Nwabudike

— Nwabudike explains amid resignation

The ally, Cllr. Ndubuisi Nwabudike, who yesterday resigned his post as chairperson of LACC, has been plagued by ethical problem ever since he President Weah nominated him to head the National Elections Commission last year.

Although the Senate rejected his nomination on grounds that he acquired Liberian citizenship illegally, he had been staying on the LACC jobs due to the favour of the President despite been unfix to holding such position per Part IV Section 6.3 of the Act creating the LACC , which limited the chairperson position to only Liberian.

The President, whose decision to prioritize Nwabudike was observed in the public with suspicion, recalled the NEC nomination, but allow him to continue to serve as LACC chair in the midst of huge public outcry for his removal.

Since then, the Liberia National Bar Association has delisted him due to his actions to acquire Liberian citizenship “fraudulent” and that he alone has multiple birthdays

Support of the President argued that the allegations or rejections of Nwabudike, was based on xenophobia motives and the man should have not be denied his right since he has proven his Liberia citizenship.

But critics and the larger public dispels just argued based on the fact that Criminal Court ‘B’ and Liberian Immigration Service could not find any document authenticate Cllr. Nwabudike’s citizenship claims despite thorough search of their records, which could not produce any single piece of document on his legal residence status or naturalization.

After months of pressure, which had an increase in recent days, particularly from the President’s allies in the senate, his hand was forced to secretly require Nwabudike’s resignation.

According to an Executive Mansion release, President Weah has accepted the LACC chairperson resignation after he had submitted a letter informing the President of his decision to leave the anti-graft institutions.

In his acceptance speech, President Weah did not mentioned the citizenship sage rather “thanked him for his services to Liberia£ even though his Minister of Justice last year  filed a return on behalf of the government challenging the embattled LACC boss filed a petition for declaratory judgment from the court about his citizenship.

In his letter of resignation, dated January 27, 2021, Cllr. Nwabudike thanked President Weah for affording him the opportunity to serve in his government.

“The monumental progress made by the Government in the fight against corruption, both in the public and private sectors, is being marred by public debate of my person rather than what contribution I can make towards the economic development of our country,” Cllr. Nwabudike said in his letter of resignation.

He added, “It does not serve the overall strategic interest of your government and our people if I were to constitute a distraction from the national agenda that your government is poised to deliver to our people in the next three years of the Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD).”

Cllr. Nwabudike is expected to use the next few weeks to prepare a proper handover note for his successor. His resignation takes effect as of February 26, 2021.

While the President ally may have found an easy ride for his first job, his nomination at NEC brought him unprecedented grilling by the Senate, the opposition bloc, Nobel Laureate Leymah Gbowee, and former Liberian Ambassador to the UN, Lewis Brown, called on the President to withdraw the nomination.

In a published open letter addressed to President Weah, former Foreign Minister Madam Olubanke-King Akerere opposed the nomination of Cllr Nwabudike. “Thus the imperatives of being a Liberian born to hold such a position that determines election results should prove paramount, even if the law does not spell it out explicitly as such,” King Akerele.

And just a week students ago, the University of Liberia marched to the LACC office near Congo Town to demand the resignation of Mr. Nwabudike. Even though the LNBA, the umbrella organization governing legal practitioners in Liberia, had Nwabudike expelled of its membership, a case that is still pending in the Supreme Court.


  1. What woud happen to the law degree he acquired in Liberia?

    What’s a prejudice?

    Shame on Liberia and Liberians for such xenophobic posturing!

    Which of your courts kept records after your senseless wars?
    Which of your institutions remained in tact and was never wreaked by the senseless wars?

    The man spent more than twenty years in your country, acquired a law education, married your daughter and have had children and had worked with dignity and excellent in preceeding administrations, only for political hatred, you Liberians stupidely falsely acused him of not being a Liberian citizen!

    What happens to the Supreme Court that upheld his law career over the years?

    What’s a disgrace? Shame on Liberians?

    I guess many of the Liberian women who acquired Nigerian citizenships in Nigeria by marry Nigerian men and having children and succeeding in that country should be xenophobicized as this lawyer!

    Stupid Liberians and their worthless village called a country!

    I personally know of Liberians who are even bank managers and very high up across Nigeria, in the judiciary in Nigeria, in Oyo, Akwa Bom, and in Jos State.

    What’s a shameless worthless people Liberians are!

    The ghost of the counsellor will haunt many Liberians in other African nations!

    Remember, what goes around comes around!!!

    • Don’t cry, Mr. Whyte!

      The Liberians who have married in Nigeria are abiding by the laws in Nigeria. Those working in Nigeria are either still Liberians working for international organizations and multinationals, like in all countries. they too, are abiding by the laws of Nigeria.

      I am a Liberian residing in the Ivory Coast. I do everything in this country legally. My wife is Ivorian and so I can easily get the Ivorian citizenship, if I wish. I abide by the laws of Cote d’Ivoire.

      It is unfortunate that you chose this space to abuse the kindest and an open-door policy country like Liberia.
      Nowhere in the sub region people from other countries have the freedom to loiter in our administration, governance and political arena like Liberia. We are so kind and open in such a way that most of you even consider us, people with their villages in Liberia, foreigners. Can such be done in Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Nigeria, Guinea, Mali, Senegal, etc.? NOOOOOOO!

      The war has opened our eyes to people we once considered our brothers and sisters, but the war has NOT changed us from being who we used to be. We will continue to be warm to all, but all we are demanding this time is for our laws to be RESPECTED.

      Stop your rudeness on us, Liberians. We are proud of our village, we are not worthless. I demand a public apology from you for the sarcastic remarks you have made about Liberians. Had it been for Nigeria, Nwabudike could have been in serious trouble by now. He may even face criminal charges or be deported.

      Stop your rudeness! Apologize!

  2. If Liberia is a worthless village, as you claim, you should be happy that your countryman is no longer associated with this worthless place. Shouldn’t you?

    Second, by your own admission, you’re saying that you know Liberian citizens who are employed in high places in Nigeria. But, apparently, you are too narrow-minded to see the difference between a Liberian working as a Liberian citizen in Nigeria and a Nigerian who lied and falsified official Liberian legal documents in order to work as a Liberian in this “worthless village.”

    I agree, what goes around comes around. So, if any Liberian uses fake documentation to impersonate another nationality, may that Liberian be arrested and prosecuted for criminal acts.

    We already have lots of corrupt minds in Liberia, we do not need another sophisticated criminal mind to compound the problems.

  3. Nothing of criminality that existed Mr. fool! You seem to be one of the worthless idiots who support xenophobia here.
    There was no crime, your worthless coutrs system had been in tarter since the wars, everything destroyed, do you have your own proof of citizenship, Mr. Idiot?
    Do you have? You destroyed your country when others joined to help then you xenophobia them on the basis of political malice and hatred!
    You are the worst of idiots in Liberia with your stupid self.

  4. Many of you foolish.and backward bastards in Liberia do not have the experience of being kind to other people in the subregion.

    This backward village called Liberia that has existed for more than a hundred seventy years ashamed to denounce others who equally came to find fortunes!

    Mr. Stupid, do you know how many of your socalled Liberian citizens in countries around the.subregion particularly Nigeria?

    Are you aware many of ypur citizens who went on ECOMOG ships at the height of your senseless wars remained in those countries up to present?

    No wonder why this.old town called Monrovia never improves in anything?

    You are the worst bavkward nation and you will remain to be so if your mentality towards other nations do not change.

    See the gross darkness of your nation with all the resources, see how poor and uneducated you are, yet you spew nonesense on others when they sacrifice to help you out of your mediocrity?

    This shame will follow many of your backward Liberians who live in a village and do nothing but born bastards.

    Look at the worthlessness of your nation! Trace the history of the foreigners who came to restore decency, Nigerians Ghanaians, Guineans, Senegales, Burkinabes, etc, then you stupidely consider one who spent more than twenty years from youth, went to your univetsity and completed law school , worked in preceeding governments attain at the level of fullbright in your law, then you manipulate out of hatred to destroy him.

    No wonder why you Liberians are going nowhere; the Ghanaians are right to chase your bastards out of their country!

    Shame on you Luberians for undermining your own educational product!

  5. Why would you submissively abide by the laws of the UK, USA, Australia, etc. to work and live in their countries and refuse to abide by the laws of Liberia?
    Have you ever seen anyone living illegally in those countries excel to a position of sovereignty?

    Stop abusing Liberians, man!

  6. I am laughing my James Davis laugh at the idiot calling himself smith whyte. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I just have to be careful that no fly gets in my mouth.

    If we are so backward as you are claiming, you should encourage Mr. Nwabudike to go home and leave our forsaken village and let us manage it as we see fit.

    You do not know our history mr. fool smythe, so why dont you let us be and go find lime and suck. You cannot win here, so just leave quietly or you will face everyone’s wrath here.

    Thank you.

  7. The person who uses the pseudonym Smith Whyte may not be a Nigerian after all. Whyte does not write as a full-blooded Nigerian. If he is a Nigerian by birth, Whyte may have lived in Liberia for a very long time. Whatever his true identity is, I will not spend my precious time attacking Whyte because he writes and thinks like a doofus.

  8. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    Another let down for Mr. True or False Nationalist, The International Community Constitutional Lawyer from New Kru Town.
    And who is having the last laugh ? It has to be the President of the Legal Bar Association laughing not with Mr. True or False Nationalist, but at Mr. True or False Nationalist from New Kru Town.
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !
    What A Kind Of International Lawyer He Is To George ?
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !

  9. Mr. James Davis,
    Mr. True Nationalist is not in this room of chatter. Take a look above. The guy has written no comments. Why are you dragging his name in here? Ha ha hah. Let me tell you something my friend……
    (1) Liberia is not a God-forsaken land and

    (2). True Nationalist is not a fake, but rather a genuine patriot.

    • So what proof does James Davis has or to call that country a God Forsaken Country and people ?
      The Anointed One or the Chosen Son of the soil, Mr. Liar Man, the preacher Chosen by God is preaching. The notorious killer Prince Johnson is preaching. Political Pastors and Bishops as church leaders bowing before the presidency. Using the church of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to make some small change. That is when the President past and present are traveling out of the country, there is a lottery held to determine which will graced the occasion. And upon the arrival, another lottery is held to determine which church will host that event for a small change. Mind you, the Lord himself had to clean up the synagogue of the money changers.
      With all what that nation is going through, and making mockery of Chist Himself, is that what you Hney will called a blessed land ? Or a God Forsaken Land .
      George is not Paul. Prince Johnson is not Paul. The Pastors and Bishops in that country are Paul. So in comparison who is the nation’s Paul ?
      George ? Prince Johnson ? The Bishop kneeling before the President to pray ?
      Now you know why that nation has become a God Forsaken Land. What reason should He be be Mocked ? He Shall Not Be Mocked ?
      That nation has nothing to do, God Is Not The Spirit To Play With.
      Asked Christ to bless your politics through wisdom, but making mockery out of Him is another thing.
      Now you know why that Land that was once blessed has become that God Forsaken Land.
      Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !

  10. On a serious note, God does not forsake anyone. During their struggle through the wilderness, the children of Jacob (often called the children of Israel) were not abandoned or forsaken by God. Human beings (all of us) have the tendency to forsake God.

    James Davis, From the beginning, Liberia has had all kinds of problems. Example, when Tubman was president, there were a lot of human disappearances in Maryland county. Believe it or not, before Weah became president, there were problems of all kinds in Liberia.

  11. James Davis!

    You speak to my soul, man!
    You are so talented in what you say here, man!
    I pray that people will take you seriously and carefully listen to your chastisements.

    My dear Grand Frere Hney always keeps the mood of positivism, a virtue to uphold indeed. But Grand Frere, we have a reality in our country.
    The knowledge and wisdom we boast of were bestowed by God, and so no man can pretend to fool the DIVINE Giver of these attributes.

    Liberia is making mockery out of God. We have people who, from drinking human blood, say they are from praying.
    Some have killed indiscriminately yet have not sincerely repented but play God while still menacing and making mockery of their victims.

    Grand Frere, it is good to stay positive in everything we do, but when it comes to spirituality, sincere repentance is required to regain God’s favor. It has been thus with the children of Israel.

    For Liberia to have a brighter future, we ultimately need revived religious leaderships. Most of those false prophets you hear and see in Liberia are corrupt and compromised.
    Then we need to at least rid the executive branch of our government with rebel leaders, warlords, bandits, rogues and immoral characters.
    And finally cleanse both houses and the judiciary with the vampires inhibiting therein.
    If not, no amount of praying time or fasting can help with the bottleneck into which Liberia is submerged.

    Liberia belongs to God. Liberia will very soon allow God to take charge of its destiny, Amen!

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