LACC Workshop Drafts Whistleblower Bill

Participants during one of many sessions to draft a comprehensive Whistleblower and Witness Protection bill to submit to the national legislature for enactment into law.

Participants at the end of a three-day Whistleblower and Witness Protection workshop have completed the drafting of a Whistleblower Bill. Participants also constituted a committee to draft a bill on witness protection, a press release said.
The workshop was organized by the Liberia Anti- Corruption Commission (LACC) in collaboration with integrity institutions, government functionaries and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). Held from March 1-3, the workshop was aimed at creating a platform for discussion for the drafting of a Whistleblower and Witness Protection Bill.
During the workshop, participants reviewed and discussed the current draft bill and the then Executive Order #43 on whistleblowers. They also looked at other documents on whistleblower and witness protection with the aim of formulating and submitting a comprehensive bill to the national legislature for enactment into law.
The workshop brought together key state actors drawn from the Ministry of Justice, Governance Commission, Liberia National Bar Association, Law Reform Commission, UNMIL, Catholic Justice and Peace Commission, CENTAL as well as the National Integrity Forum.
The Legal Professional Development Anti-Corruption (LPDAC) Program of USAID sponsored the workshop, which grew out of the regional workshop on whistleblower and witness protection in the fight against corruption held in Monrovia from September 19-21 last year.


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