LACC Supports GAC Report on Use of Ebola Funds


The Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) has expressed confidence in and support for the General Auditing Commission’s (GAC) report in the performance of its mandate to review the handling and expenditure of Ebola funds by government officials tasked with that responsibility.

The LACC believes that persistent attacks on the GAC by officials of Government charged with irregularities in the audit report on the use of Ebola resources are unhealthy and that officials involved should engage the Commission constructively rather than vilifying it in the media.

The GAC and all integrity institutions have a responsibility to ensure transparency and accountability in the use of public resources and should therefore remain resolute in the discharge of their duties without fear or favor, a LACC press release said.

The LACC statement was triggered by the recent strong reaction to the GAC Ebola audit report by the head of the Incident Management System (IMS). IMS expressed disappointment and outright rejection of the report, describing it as entirely “out of context, unbalanced, unfair and most unprofessional in numerous other respects.”

The GAC report holds members of the NTFE responsible for financial irregularities and material control deficiencies.
IMS conceded that the GAC mentioned in its report correctly that on July 26, 2014, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, announced that Ebola was a national emergency and set up a National Ebola Task Force to coordinate all interventions for containing and eliminating the fast spreading epidemic.

However, IMS said the financial activities of the NETF that GAC says ‘were marred by financial irregularities and material control deficiencies’, were done in a state of national emergency which GAC has consistently failed to take into account. IMS head, Tolbert Nyenswah, said the financial transactions of IMS were in keeping with the urgency of the particular interventions undertaken by the Task Force specifically aimed at containing and eliminating the deadly Ebola virus.

The GAC report holds several institutions accountable for ”financial irregularities and procedural errors” of Ebola funds, including the Liberia National Police (LNP), Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization (BIN) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


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