LACC Probes over US$5M Scandal at Czech-Liberian Company

Flashback: The Miloschewsky brothers and Mr. Singbeh posed while visiting Czech-Republic.

The Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) is now looking into the possible conduct of individuals involved in the management of a Czech-Republic MHM Eko–Liberia, a rock crusher company in the country over the alleged disappearance of over US$5 million from the coffer of the entity.

Secretary of Senate J. Nanborlor Singbeh, former president and chairman of the company’s board of directors, holds 30 percent of a total of 100 shares, while two Czech Republic nationals, Pavel Miloschewsky and Martin Miloschewsky, hold 35 percent each.

The news comes as investigators of the LACC summoned Hans Armstrong, a British national and the Attorney-In-Fact of the two Czech-investors for questioning on Wednesday, July 31 about the alleged withdrawal of US$2,495,109 from the company’s account at  the EcoBank- Liberia, and US$100,000 also at the Afriland First Bank-Liberia and US$3,000,000 in equipment and spare parts.

On July 10, 2019, the Gongloe and Gongloe Law Firm filed the case to the LACC where the law firm sought the anti-graft intervention to seize the US$3 million in assets linked to the fund.

Cllr. Tiawan Gongloe claimed that the accounts at the two banks were opened by Singbeh, Sramek and Sochor.

Gongloe also claims that the fund transfers from the Czech-owned entity MHM EKO happened between mid-2013 and July 2017.

Others to be summoned, according to an investigator of the LACC, include Singbeh, former president and chairman of the board of directors, Karel Sochor, a Czech-national and managing director, Ales Sramek, also a Czech-national and financial director/treasurer. Sramek was a former employee of the United Nations Mission of Liberia (UNMIL) and Gloria Caine as secretary.

The comments of the investigator, who asked not to be named, came after Armstrong appeared before the LACC.

Armstrong was interrogated over the corruption scandal that could lead to criminal charges against the MHM-EKO former management team, the investigator said.


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