LAC Dog Bites Several Persons

Company manager flies dog out of country


The Daily Observer yesterday received reports from the Liberia Agriculture Company (LAC) indicating that a dog owned by the general manager, Vijay Maira, has allegedly bitten seven people including Mairahas’ cook. The victim is reportedly in critical condition and receiving medical care at LAC’s hospital.

Johnny Isaac (pictured) was reportedly bitten several times shortly after he finished feeding the dog on Saturday, April 22.   “The dog bit four other victims including three security guards and a yard boy,” the cook’s wife alleges.

She said the dog’s behavior was very strange that no one ever expected it on the plantation.

While the victims are in extreme pain with some of them out of job due to the extent of the injuries the dog inflicted on them, LAC management is alleged to have secretly flown the dog to South Africa.

Harry Attoh, LAC Human Resource Manager, confirmed taking the dog to South Africa, but refused to say who is responsible for the victims.

A source at the plantation, who also confirmed the report said, “During my last visit to LAC, we saw Mr. Maira riding his jeep with the dog in the back seat.”

In February 2017, a boiler in the industrial factory complex exploded overnight, reportedly killing at least six employees and injuring about 12 others.  The plantation was reportedly fined US$100,000 for reckless handling of employees’ safety.

Mr. Maira, an Indian national, has reportedly managed the LAC with deep secrecy, “often refusing to speak with journalists,” one employee claimed. The claim is yet to be verified as the Daily Observer investigation continues.


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