Labour Minister Admonishes Employers, Employees to Uphold Labour Law

The ILO centenary, which took place at the Ministerial Complex in Monrovia, was held on under the theme: “Reflecting on the Future of Work.” 

Labour Minister Moses Y. Kollie has admonished every tripartite member within the labor sector, especially the Liberia Chamber of Commerce (LLC), to strongly consider and develop a key interest in upholding Liberia’s Labor Law.

Minister Kollie, who spoke on Friday, January 10, 2020, at a program marking the celebration of the hundredth (100th) anniversary of the International Labor Organization (ILO), said Liberia will strive to promote decent work and improve the working conditions and lives of all workers throughout the country.

The celebration, which took place at the Ministerial Complex in Congo Town, was held on under the theme: “Reflecting on the Future of Work.”

“We are celebrating the 100th anniversary of the ILO today in Liberia; however, it is important that we reflect on our achievements, how they came about and the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of us as a member state of the ILO and as a country,” he added.

Minister Kollie also used the occasion to appreciate the ILO, through its regional representative, Dennis Zulu, for providing financial assistance that made the celebration more successful.

More importantly, “we want to use this occasion to appreciate highly and acknowledge the continual support from the ILO for the reprinting of 5,000 copies of the Decent work act (DWA) of Liberia into pocket-sized handbook, which can easily be taken along with you anywhere for easy reading,” Minister indicated.

These newly reprinted copies of the DWA, according to him, will be distributed very soon at every major concession site which will be followed by some awareness and education on the DWA of Liberia.

Sirleaf Massaley, ILO Representative in Liberia, also said that the ILO centenary celebration focused on four fundamental concerns including respect for the fundamental rights of workers; an adequate minimum wage, statutory or negotiated, maximum limits on working time; and safety as well as health at work.

Mr. Massaley informed the gathering that the ILO will continue to partner with the government of Liberia, particularly the Ministry of Labor to ensure that citizens’ working condition is improved.

At the same time, the secretary-general of the Liberia Chamber of Commerce, Ms. Salamartu Duncan, thanked the Ministry of Labor and the ILO for organizing such a forum.

She said, “As we celebrate today, let us look at our past work and see how we can move forward and make sure that labor standards are on par with other countries.”


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