L$700K Raised for Nimba Facelift


A group under the banner of “Friends of Sam Brown Network” over weekend raised L$700,000 for a clean up campaign across Nimba County before the Christmas season.

At the ceremony held on Saturday, October 29, in Ganta, the group’s spokeperson, Adada Smith, said the money would not only be used for the “massive clean up campaign” in most cities across the county, but to also undertake development initiatives to improve the lives of young people.

“We want to give cities across the county a facelift as we approach the Christmas and New Year seasons,” Smith said, noting that during the campaign, “we will target cemeteries and other public places such as the city mayor’s offices, and continue to all the communities.”

On Thursday, October 26, the group carried out a massive clean up campaign across Ganta, where they cleaned the main cemetery, which was covered with grass.

“We used the money generated to purchase tools and materials as well as food for those cleaning up everywhere in the city,” said CEO Brown.

At the rally, Mr. Brown donated about L$500,000 as his initial contribution and called on well-meaning Nimbaians to get on board to give the county a deserving facelift.

The exercise raised over L$200, 000.

“The campaign will touch every part of the city and major entrance points, the hospital, colleges and so on,” said Hamilton Tougbay, a senior member of the “Friends of Sam Brown Network.”

However, the group said the campaign is not restricted to Nimba County, as it would also reach Montserrado County.

Ruling out any political affiliation, the group said that their action is purely humanitarian, geared towards bringing sanity to the people and in support of the local government.

Meanwhile, the occasion was also used to honor Mr. Brown for his many “humanitarian assistance” to community residents and the county at large.

Boris Barlea, a representative aspirant for Nimba County Electorial Distrit #5, praised Sam Brown for his services to the people, especially civil servants, who are the sole beneficiary of his loan scheme program.

“We are honoring Sam Brown to show to the people that his immense help to the citizens over the years has done so much,” Barlea told the audience.


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