L$5M Bounty for Info on Killers of Nyeswa, Others

“I know that nothing we will do will dull the pains of their loss,” Dr. Daniel Cassell (pictured) said. “However, it cannot also be said that we did not do all that we could

A US-based Liberian has offered a record L$5 million reward for useful information to catch the killer or killers behind the murders of Albert Peters, Victoria Asmah ‘Gifty’ Lamah, George Fanhboto, and Emmanuel Barten Nyeswa.

The deceased, Albert Peters, a former Internal Auditor of the Liberia Revenue Authority; Victoria Asmah ‘Gifty’ Lamah, Manager of the Tax Payer Services Division, Liberia Revenue Authority; George B. Fahnboto, Revenue Auditor, Liberia Revenue Authority; and the Director-General of the Internal Audit Agency, Emmanuel Barten Nyeswua, all died within a period of 8 days.

Dr. Daniel E. Cassell, who is the President/CEO of Kwenyan Professional Health Services, in Pennsylvania, Bucks County, hopes that the money (US$27,779, at the current rate of L$180) being offered will help the government investigators find the person or persons responsible for the murders of the deceased.

According to him, his heart is broken, knowing that the families are still without information about the killer or killers and as such, they might find it difficult to be healed if the doers of the acts are not brought to justice.

“As the head of my family and a father, my heart is broken knowing that as these families grieve and mourn the shocking and tragic deaths of their loved ones, they are still without the answers they need to help them heal, and hopefully bring the much-needed closure to the difficult experiences of their loss.

“I know that nothing we will do will dull the pains of their loss,” Dr. Cassell said. “However, it cannot also be said that we did not do all that we could, individually and collectively, to help these grieving families find the closures they need to heal.”

Dr. Cassell further said that although no society can stop the commission of all crimes, the situation is much worse when crimes are not thoroughly investigated, alleged perpetrators apprehended, justice is dutifully served. He added that once these deaths remain mysterious and unexplainable, the trauma of fear would envelop our society, and that “no society can realistically thrive in freedom and justice when its people are overcome by fear.”

“Indeed, no society can stop the commission of all crimes. However, no society can be truly free, and hope to be safe, where alleged crimes are not thoroughly investigated, alleged perpetrators apprehended, justice is dutifully served, and the sanctity of life is jealously protected and preserved,” he said.

As a result, Dr. Cassell said he felt obligated to as father and a Liberian, through Daniel E. Cassell Foundation, to offer a cash reward of L$5,000,000.00, or its equivalent in United States Dollars, to anyone who can provide credible information that will lead to the successful arrest and prosecution of individuals involved in any of the recent deaths of the four Liberians.

“To me, the grieving widows, widower, children, other relatives, friends, and for many Liberians, at home and abroad, the lives and mysterious deaths of Albert, Gifty, George and Emmanuel matter. Our Liberian society risks being defined by these lives, and yet, the unexplainable deaths.

“Finding reasonable closure is also good for our society,” Dr. Cassell added. “Therefore, it falls upon all of us to do all that we can so that our country remains a safe space for all to live, work and care for their loved ones.”

Dr. Cassell, whose foundation is offering the bounty has been involved in lots of humanitarian works with this latest gesture as evidence. His Foundation bounty comes as the Liberian National Police has been struggling to find information about the deceased killer or killers, despite several public appeals and speaking to a number of persons of interest.

However, not a single arrest or information about the killer or killers has been made available as the police have even admitted to fumbling evidence in the handling of the crime scene.

Both  Peters’ and Lamah’s lifeless bodies were Both Peters and Lamah were discovered in the back seat of his vehicle on October 2, 2010, with the former clad only in his underwear with one ear cut off and skin peeled off his body, while Lamah was discovered fully clothed, with even her makeup intact and with a broken neck.

While Fanhboto reportedly died in a car accident, having allegedly been gushed on the hand by men who chased him on motorbikes with machetes.

As for Nyeswa, he reportedly suffered from a mysterious fall from a narrow doorway on the top floor of his home along the SKD Boulevard.


  1. Thanks but no thanks, probably you may not be aware rampant corruption and any form of vicious killing of high profile Liberians are done with impunity, simply because these ruthless actions are not crimes in Liberia. History speaks for itself my people. You will only be giving free money to those corrupt fools in Liberia without any desire outcome, try it and see for yourself, this is exactly how we live in Liberia, you bring your money we will eat and make fun of you for your failure to know your history. Just try us. (WATCH)

  2. The Government is the culprit. That’s why all along they have refused to make any effort in putting up a ransom that would help investigators uncover the perpetrators of the act as is normally done in other countries. Thanks for the ransom but I doubt whether the government appreciates it as they are involved in these killings that’s why it is difficult or are making no attempt to arrest suspects, who in my view, were under orders to execute the killings. They are yet to account for the four recent killings, and other previous killings including Harry Greaves and others. What a sad day for our country. We have on our hands a government that cannot “protect lives” for which it was constituted.

    • Hey please read your history or do a little research on rampant corruption and vicious killing of especially high profile citizens of Liberia . Only real and consistent fools will think these ruthless activities continue to be perpetrated by past and present governments are crimes in Liberia, they are not crimes at all in Liberia. i still can not get it why most Liberians can not follow history. this is how we live in Liberia, these nasty stuffs are done with impunity simply because they are not crimes in Liberia, period. No amount of talking and the offered of ransom can bring justice to the victims’ families, since there is no justice to talk about. (WATCH)

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