L$1M Bridge Project Gets Underway

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To disabuse the minds of people who often depend on government for every aspect of development, residents of Montserrado County Electoral District #14 over the weekend broke ground for the construction of a wooden bridge that will link Abuja and Doe communities to Clara Town and the Freeport communities on Bushrod Island in Monrovia.

The bridge project is funded by the district representative hopeful Kerkula Muka-Kamara to the tone of L$1 million.

The ground-breaking ceremony held over the weekend brought joy to the thousands of residents in the area who shouted in unison as they danced to the beat of traditional songs raised by the community women.

The construction work is expected to be completed within a month starting from yesterday, March 16, one of the contractors confided to the Daily Observer.

Elated residents told our reporter how happy they were to welcome the bridge construction, “because for too long we have suffered from the flood water until recently when Mr. Kamara responded to fund the bridge project.”

Earlier in his welcome statement, Peter Laye, spokesman of the elder council, expressed appreciation to Mr. Kamara for the project, hoping that he will continue in other directions to achieve his future objective.

Mr. Laye recalled how residents have found it difficult to get to other communities to meet daily life challenges to the extent that two residents had broken their legs on the old, dilapidated bridge. He said that the completion of the bridge would relieve them of their nightmare.

“This bridge business used to worry me because we walked on rotten sticks to cross over to the next destination to go to work, while our women too used the same path to the market. But today, I am happy to see the new bridge reaching here through Mr. Muka-Kamra, who I want to carry on my back only that I am too old to do so,” exclaimed Mr. Laye.

John Ignis, another resident, who could not hide his feelings about the project, added that “Today, Mr. Kamara has come to our rescue’ an initiative we highly welcome.”

He explained the difficulties children and pregnant women experienced in the absence of a good bridge to connect the community with other communities on Bushrod Island. “I can remember when my wife was in labor here during the rainy season, it was not easy to cross over to the Clara Town Clinic, but with this latest intervention, we are happy.”

Randolph K. Doe, chairman of the Peugeot Garage Community expressed similar gratitude to Mr. Kamara for the initiative.

He said for so long, residents of the Abuja Community have cried for a bridge, but today, they are proud of Mr. Kamara for the initiative.

In response, Mr. Kamara told the residents of the community, particularly Abuja, to work together for the common good of the area.

“We need to work together and share the ideas as to how we can live a better life in our respective communities. The bridge project is just the beginning,” said Mr. Muka-Kamara.

He admonished the inhabitants to hold together to share the ideas as to how best they can impact their communities and families so that the unborn will hear it from the pages of history.

Mr. Kamara believes that leadership is a privilege given to any individual by the people, because it is about them so when something has to do with them, it needs to be managed well.

“So, the process we have entered is a process of collaboration that you need to talk to me and I talk to you, share common ideas as to how we can benefit from each other or benefit from the national government.

“We have come to say to residents of the Abuja Community that we are with you and prepared to work with you, but let us work together so that come 2017 or even beyond the next elections, we are still in it together,” he said.


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