L$1.8m Road Construction Begins in SKD Community

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Construction work on a two mile stretch of road joining two slum communities – Cow Factory and Samuel K. Doe Community – began yesterday. The road is expected to benefit over 50,000 residents in both communities.

The construction, which started from the Cow Factory-Watusi Junction, will pass through SKD Community and terminate at Doe Community Institute (DCI) to access Clara Town, Vai Town, and Freeport.

The project’s sponsor, Mr. Kerkulah M. Kamara, said the construction of the road is in fulfillment of his promise to put smiles on the faces of surrounding communities before the rainy season.

Kamara, an aspirant for the Monstserrado County District # 14, said the new road will be accessible to business owners, marketers and students while preventing formation of puddles during the rainy season to avoid waterborne diseases.

“The road construction begins today (Jan. 28) with the hauling of truckloads of sand and will end hopefully next month. We need everyone’s support to make this project a success,” Kamara said.

The chairman of the Cow Factory Community, Alfred W. Weaye, said their livelihood was continuously threatened because of poor roads in the community.

He said for over two decades, “We have suffered and are tired of waiting for the government to help construct our road so we are happy for Mr. Kamara to come to our rescue.”

“This road has been closed for over 20 years, covered with water and the only way of traveling here is through canoe or swimming across to the other side.

“We will always remain grateful to Mr. Kamara and it is our prayer that this work is completed in Jesus’ name.”

Oldma Payan, 69, said the road was in good condition during the regime of the late President Samuel K. Doe.

“We will be happy if this road is fixed, my grand and great grandchildren will walk on land for the first time in more than plenty years,” she said.

The secretary general of the SKD Community, Franco T. David, said when the new road is built it will help improve the condition of the people and make their communities accessible to others.

For his part, Mr. Wleh Wilson Davies Sr., on behalf of the elders, said the fixing of the road will significantly improve the livelihood of the people.

He appealed to Mr. Kamara that after the successful building of the road, he should erect a bridge on the other side to increase access.

He thanked Mr. Kamara for the construction of a youth center in Clara Town, the repairing of the Clara Town AGM School library, scholarships to students and the provision of two public buses.

Meanwhile, the construction of the road is estimated at L$1.8 million by chief engineer, Julius Jah.


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