LP partisans took up the stretch of Tubman Boulevard from Catholic Junction, where the party is headquartered, to around the CDC headquarters. The party says its attendees is at least 200,000 strong.

By Alvin Worzi Robin Dopoe Jr.

With 31 days to the much anticipated Liberian presidential and representative elections, supporters, sympathizers and partisans of the opposition Liberty Party (LP) have locked down Congo Town and patiently waiting him to officially declare the 2017 campaign open.

Hundreds of partisans and supporters are currently seated around at the party’s headquarters, located at the Catholic Hospital Junction in Congo Town. Authorities gave the party a one-day allowance to use the stretch of the main thoroughfare, Tubman Boulevard, to conduct their rally.  Truth FM, controlled by Musa H. Bility, Liberty Party’s campaign chairman, claims the party has reached its attendance target of 200,000 at the rally a figure that remains to be verified.

The rally is colored by cultural performances taking place at both in and outside of the headquarters. A number of young Liberian recording artists, also affiliated with Bility’s media business, are performing for the crowd. In spite of the rain last night and up to this morning, partisans and supporters continue to show up.

“We are so excited,” said Charlene Brumskine, daughter of the standard bearer. “But let’s be clear: this is not about Liberty Party or Charles Brumskine; it is all about the people of Liberia. They are ready for change and Liberty Party is the institution. This is not a borrowed crowd; these are Liberty partisans.”

Interestingly, partisans and supporters continue to make their way to the party’s headquarters as it is customary in Liberia that the political leader will make political statement, intended to win more supporters on board.

“We did not expect such huge turnout today because of the low publicity that was done. I am sure that if the party was going to carry on huge publicity about this launch, no car was going to use this Congo Town belt,” partisan Johnson told the Daily Observer.

According to some of the partisans and supporters, the Liberty Party is poised to taking state power, because “We have the only integrity that is prepared to lead this country from all indications.”


  1. Charles Brumskine is one of the few candidates with a tested leadership quality that Liberia needs to achieve its development goal. Unfortunately, most voters in Liberia don’t know him well, and those who know him are not given him the credit he deserves due to political reason. His leadership has been tested, even his opponents know that he’s one of the few candidates if elected could bring pride to Liberia. Of course as a Lofan, I could probably vote Uncle Boakai instead of Brumskine since the elders of the Lorma tribe wouldn’t betray their Kissi uncle. However, only God alone knows who’ll be the next president of Liberia. As we all await October 10 presidential election results, please keep praying and trusting the LORD to lead you make the right choice for the sake of Mama Liberia.

  2. Of all places, why would Charles Brumskine launch his bid for Liberia’s Presidency in Monrovia; not his home County, Grand Bassa County? Doesn’t he understand, his political foundation is in Grand Bassa? Such a SNUB like his, may cause him dearly. Hey Charley, all Politics is “LOCAL”. Haven’t you heard? In already congested Monrovia, how do you figure out, who’s out there to support your candidacy for the Presidency of Liberia? Every Presidential Candidate, seems to be claiming Monrovia as their own. Monrovia is: “NOT A ONE MAN’S TOWN”. Make no mistakes about it.

  3. Of all places, why would Charles Brumskine launch his bid for the Presidency of Liberia, in Monrovia; not his home County, Grand Bassa. Such a “SNUB” as his, may cause him dearly. Hey Charley, all Politics is local. Haven’t you heard? Every Presidential Candidate, seems to be claiming Monrovia as their own. Make no mistake about it. Monrovia is not a one man’s TOWN.

  4. The Daily Observer is not being honest to the Liberian population and the International Readership online.

    Why will 35,000 people fill the stadium and the routes to Monrovia and Red light ?

    When Liberty Party obstructs traffic just around the vicinity of its headquarters the Observer says Liberty Party has 200,000 crowd.

    • What’s the point of this story? The number of people at these campaign rallies means NOTHING!!! The only numbers that matter are the numbers of votes cast on October 10, 2017.

  5. Methinks most Monrovians see some of these well – staged shows as carnival parades, events at which to have jolly good time at the expense of few politicians they suspect are making empty promises; unsurprisingly, almost the same crowds participate in all the “siolaylay” jamborees. But politics in a fragile polarized state amid near mass suffering isn’t a joking matter, and we pray our electorates go to the voting booths on October 10 with thier eyes wide – open.

  6. You never know who wins until the responsibility for the announcement is made. Having said that, we should avoid judging the status of this Presidential election prior to election. For example, fraught, miscount etc.. The election day has not even come. The count votes and abstinence have not yet been calculated. How than do you know who the President will be or the fault made? The actual will be known when the time comes.
    Gone to 57%. Let the Liberians know.


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