Kwendin Township Lacks Better Public School

The makeshift school .jpg

The Kwendin Township in Lower Nimba County is without good public school building to host dozens of school-going age children.

Due to the lack of good public school facility, classes are conducted in a makeshift unsafe building constructed with sticks and covered with palm thatch.

“This is where we are using as a school building to educate children in the township,” commented one of the teachers who asked not to be identified.

He said there are three of such buildings being used for students in the upper classes. “They were built by a certain NGO for a women group in the community, and because we did not have any public school building in the community, the citizens arranged for the building to be used in the meantime.”

At the township on October 28, dozens of school going kids were seen roaming about playing, due to what one of the parents said was the result of the lack of space to host all of them.

The Daily Observer learned that students playing outdoors would have their time to return to the classroom and the others in the classroom would be asked to play outdoors, until those who were inside finished their lessons.

Kwendin used to be the center of education in Nimba during the regime of the late President Williams R. Talbert Jr. with a boarding school under the management of the Baptist Church, a local resident said.

He said the Baptist Mission is in ruins and the vast land occupied by rubber, planted by the Mission while other areas have been occupied by residents.

Our informant said it is about 30 minutes drive from the city of Tappita and it is one of the populated townships in lower part of Nimba County.

Efforts to speak with the District Education Officer of the area did not materialize as his mobile phone rang endlessly.


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