“Kwa Speaking Community” Observes Tubman’s Birthday

The Kwa Speaking Association parading the streets of Ganta City

In commemoration of the birth anniversary of Liberia’s 19th president, the late William V. S. Tubman, a group of South-easterners living across Nimba, but representing the various ethnic groups under the banner “KWA Speaking Association of Liberia, held a day long activity in Ganta City on November 29, 2018 across Liberia.

The celebration, backed by a Grebo Band, began with a parade, continue with an indoor program and a grand football among themselves.

This is the first of its kind to commemorate the Tubman holiday in such a high spirits, since it was enacted into law by the Legislature of Liberia in the 50s, organizers say. Most of the citizens only the know and respect the day, but they do not actually celebrate it as compared to Independence Day (July 26), Christmas, Flag Day or any other major Liberian holiday.

There is usually little historical significance exerted when celebrating late President Tubman’s birthday, as the holiday is more regarded as the official beginning of the dry season and a major beach-going day. However, on November 29, the citizens from Southeastern parts of Liberia, representing Grebo, Kru, Krahn, Sarpo, and Bassa, under the “Kwa Speaking Association” decided to take to the streets of Ganta City to pay homage to their late great kinsman.

One of the organizers, Salome Suah expressed happiness about their togetherness and coming together to celebrate such a historic day in the country.

Many Nimbaians, Including Rep. Larry Younquoi, Ganta City Mayor Amos Nya Suah and other citizens joined the celebration and also praised the south easterners for their togetherness.

The marching band leading the parade in commemoration of President Tubman’s Birthday in Ganta, Nimba County.

However, the Kwa Speaking Association is present in almost all the cities in Nimba, where representatives were gathered to form part of the celebration of the November 29, the late President William V. S. Tubman’s birthday.

“We the citizens of the South-east, under this organization, decided to come together so we know one another and work together as one body for the promotion of peace and development in and out of Nimba,” said Thomas Sieh, General Chairman of the association in Nimba.

He said the group is working to secure a parcel of land for the construction of center that will be home to everybody, especially those from southeast, who are in need.

Liberia has about 16 ethnic groups and these tribes are categorized into four groups, including the Kwa, Mande, Mel and the English speaking groups.


  1. I cant believe that less busy people residing in the commercial city of Ganta will parade the streets to commomorate the birth of President Tubman who did nothing for Liberia. We have no nationwide Television and radio stations that can be heard throughout Liberia. He did not pave the road from Monrovia to Harper, Gbarnga to Voinjama, Monrovia to Grand Bassa, Monrovis to Grand Cape Mount etc. If anyone wants to celebrate the birthday of former presidents of Liberia, why not call it president day? In this way, all presidents will be covered.


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