Kvinna Till Kvinna Conducts Sustainability and Fund-Raising Workshop for 9 Partner Organizations


The Kvinna till Kvinna Foundation (KTK), with funding from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), hired the Liberia Institute of Success Technology & Leadership Studies (LISTALS) to conduct a 2-day training workshop to enhance the capacities of 28 participants from nine (9) Partner Organizations (POs), including one board member each, in addressing issues of sustainability and fundraising.

The two-day workshop, conducted from Aug 29-30, 2018 at the Lutheran Church of Liberia (LCL) compound, was intended to utilize key strategies that will strengthen the Partner Organizations’ capacities to perform and deliver effective services to their primary target groups long after the funding from donors terminates. It also emphasized the participants’ long-term ability to achieve the mission and vision of Kvinna till Kvinna and their individual organizations.

Making remarks at the workshop, KtK Head of Office, Rie Lukowski, noted that the sustainability of a project simply implies the continuation of project activities and the sustenance of project outcomes long after the initial/primary grant expires.

“KtK as a donor to these 9 POs is certainly concerned about the sustainability of its funded projects following the termination of the projects’ duration. This is even more relevant as KtK is often prone to fund projects which have a well-defined sustainability plan in place. It is, therefore, imperative that PO’s integrate sustainability and fundraising principles and plans in their ongoing and subsequent projects as an effective way to ensure long term impact and sustainability” Lukowski added.

Speaking also at the workshop, the Programme Manager, Governance and Rule of Law, Gender Focal Point of the European Union, Agnieszka Napierala encouraged the POs to take what they have learned seriously as this will be a good start for them — admonishing them to be transparent and trustworthy to win donors’ confidence.

She further stated that the sustainability workshop was a good pick by Kvinna till Kvinna, and encouraged other International Non-Government Organizations (INGO) to do the same with their partners. She also mentioned that there are smaller CSOs that need support to be strong; challenging the POs to help bring out other smaller organizations.

Madam Napierala added that EU, which is one of Liberia’s major donors, strongly considers for partnership organizations that demonstrate genuine commitment, track record, integrity, professionalism, and that are outstanding and results-oriented.

The facilitator, Mr. Kemoh S. Sheriff, also told participants that having profitable fundraising programs can help NGOs have the financial resources to fulfill their vision and mission. He said most organizations require that each board member make a personal annual donation to the organization and also have a fund development committee that will oversee fund-raising strategies, board fund-raising activities, working with staff and to establish a strategic fund-raising plan for their organizations.

Kvinna till Kvinna invited the board of directors from each organization to attend the training to make sure that they are educated and trained in knowing that they have a duty to participate in fundraising, which also falls under duty of care.

In Liberia, the non-governmental sector and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) depend on international donors for funding to support their respective projects. It can be emphasized that many CSOs are solely created to receive funding and end up largely inactive after attempts to win foreign donors fail.

At the close of the workshop, the participants appreciated KtK for the training and promised to implement the skill-set acquired. They came up with fund-raising plans for their organizations while some heads from Kvinna Till Kvinna partner organizations promised to restructure their board. Board members present at the workshop promised to take corrective measures.


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