Kutoa Afrika, BRYF Provide Food Assistance to People with Disabilities


The lockdown and restrictions put in place to curb the coronavirus appear to have serious consequences on the ordinary people that cannot be disputed.  All economic activities have slowed down with even business people finding it difficult to get goods from other countries because of restriction at bordering points.  Adversely, revenue that should come to government in taxes is likely to decline.

Below the ladder in this time of difficulties are the ordinary people; mainly those living with disabilities who cannot walk, see or even hear but need to survive, and such a group is at the center of concern for the Kutoa Afrika Foundation that partners with the Bill Rogers Youth Foundation.

On Saturday, May 16, 2020, the foundation stepped out to deliver food and non-food items to the Liberian Christian Association of the Blind and the National Union of People with Disabilities.  Items donated include 30 bags of 25Kg rice, two Cartoons of sardines, two cartoons of detergent powder, and two cartoons of chloral.

Also donated are ten gallons of cooking oil, four packs of Maggie cubes, and one hundred and fifty pieces of locally produced face masks to the two organizations of people with disabilities.

According to the Operation Manager of BRYF, Emmanuel Divine Kpoto, Sr.,  the assorted food and non-food items are intended to buttress government’s efforts in the fight against the deadly Corona Virus Pandemic in Liberia.

Kpoto indicated that the Kutoa Afrika Foundation and BRYF believes that in this time of the global crisis, the most affected and concerned individuals are the Physically Challenged.

“I am grateful that we have an outstanding partner like them that are able to believe in the little things we do to impact our communities in a positive way,” said Kpoto.

I would like to take this time to appreciate our amazing partners headed by Dr. Gracie Dinkins, Yasmine M Benjamin, Carlwana Houston, Zoe Tamunang, Juwlor Topor, and our distinguished founder and President of the Bill Rogers Youth Foundation, Amb. Bill Rogers, for the support.  We are grateful for everything,” Mr. Kpoto added.

Meanwhile, representatives of the two organizations also commended the Kutoa Afrika Foundation and the Bill Rogers Youth Foundation for thinking about them especially in this time of the Coronavirus.


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