Kun Togba: ‘My Life Is Threatened by Angry Machete Men’

Kun-dee, the wounded daughter of .jpg

For eight days, a petty trader, Kun Togba, has announced that he faces the threat of death for exposing the secrets of the attempted murder of his nephew-in-law, B.S. Washington.

Kun says since the January 26th and 27th publication in this newspaper of his startling revelation, he has received three threatening  calls within a week from unknown callers. He further said two men with machetes have visited his house twice, threatening him and his family.

Mr. Togba said he and his daughter, Kun-dee (a Kru vernacular meaning the mother of Kun) were assaulted over weekend after having received threatening calls.

"Over the weekend, near my house where I had come to stretch my legs, somebody hit me on my head from behind and I was lying unconscious on the ground. I had to spend a few hours in a nearby clinic after that. Though I registered a police complaint, no action was taken."

He added: “My daughter, Kun-dee was also attacked with boiling hot water.”

According Mr. Togba, the men said: “we pledged to uphold the laws and when we break the law and betray the societies we must bear the punishment.”

Shockingly they mentioned the full name of nephew-in-law, B. S. Washington.

They added: “Washington is a traitor. He has gone beyond his limit of saying malicious things against the Poro therefore he must face all consequences that follow and we will hunt him until we find him. He’s a traitor, one that betrayed his own cultural principles.”

Kun added: “Surprisingly, they said what we did to him eight (8) years ago we will do the same to you if we don’t see him.”

Mr. Togba said since he reported the case to the police immediately after the incident over the weekend, there has been no arrest.

When contacted, the police confirmed receipt of a complaint of threats from Mr. Togba and said they are considering a police cover for him and his family.

According to an inside source, three police officers have already been instructed to provide security to Kun.

"It is the responsibility of the state to provide security as and when required by anybody," the inside source said.

But with the limitation of the police as compared to the growing population, many are wondering how long will the police protection continue.

It may be recalled on the 25th of January Kun revealed plans for the murder of his nephew-in-law  for the compelling exposure of the  conscription of teen males and females into the two core traditional secret societies in the country as well as its dangerous practices.

He stated that since his nephew-in-law had  testified and preached against the ills of the Poro Society and the Female Genital Mutilation (often referred to as FGM) in the Buduburum Camp in Ghana, in 2004 he was still being hunted to be killed.

He further said his nephew-in-law’s family – his fiancé and two children disappeared when they returned home. During that time some so-called aggrieved and combative members of the societies attacked his uncle’s house.


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