Krao Ass’n in America Identifies with Redemption, Southeastern Hospitals

NKAA Chairman Dr. Lawrence D. Sekajipo, displaying documentary report of the medical supplies at Redemption Hospital in Monrovia

NKAA Chairman Sekajipo urges Liberians to “be givers back to society, humanity”

The Chairman of the National Krao Association in the United States of America, Dr. Lawrence Dembo Sekajipo, on May 8, 2019 presented a 40-feet container of medical supplies to the Redemption Hospital in Monrovia.

At the presentation ceremony, Dr. Sekajipo called on all Liberians at home and abroad to be generous givers to society and humanity.

“Giving back to our communities is not a responsibility, but a moral and cardinal obligation to our people,” Dr. Sekajipo said.

The gathering NKAA was founded on September 1, 1991, and for the past 27 years, it has has been engaged with the Redemption Hospital in the borough of New Kru Town in Monrovia.

Besides, Dr. Sekajipo said during the period under review, the US based Liberian group has shipped seven containers to Liberia containing medical supplies.

According to him, the group has over the years engaged residents of New Kru Town in environmental awareness and outreach programs.

A 40 ft container of medical supplies intended for Redemption Hospital in Monrovia, as well as other medical centers in Grand Kru and Sinoe counties.

“We can put all medicines in Redemption Hospital if our environment is not clean, and our people are have not learned to keep the environment clean, sicknesses will continue to create health conditions,” Dr. Sekajipo cautioned.

He informed reporters that several training and clean up exercises have been carried out by the NKAA leadership in the borough of New Kru Town to improve sanitary conditions of the community.

SeKajipo said the Redemption Hospital has been their major humanitarian intervention project, and the impact has had significant progress for the residents.

He underscored the need for the group to extend its humanitarian assistance to the residents of Grand Kru and Sinoe counties.

Dr. Sekajipo said when the supplies are mobilized from generous donors in USA, NKAA members paid for the shipments of US$7,000 to Liberia.

Dr. Sekajipo explained that prompted the NKAA to secure beds from the USA that cost US$40,000, and same was shipped to Liberia intended for the Redemption Hospital.

He informed reporters that the group has since 2002 initiated a scholarship program that continues to assist fifteen students hailing from Grand Kru and Sinoe Counties at the University of Liberia.

Besides, Dr. Sekajipo added that scholarship program has also been extended to the Saint Mary Catholic High School in the borough of New Kru Town in Monrovia.

The NKAA executive told reporters that the group has officially met with one of the vice presidents of the UL and concluded formal discussions on the possibility of providing some scholarships to students of the university.

He however noted that since the since the President declared UL and public colleges tuition-free by the Liberian, the scholarship funds will be diverted to students in the form of educational supplies.

Dr. Sekajipo recalled that since 2019, the group has set aside funds for 15 students, and based on the kind of funds that will be raised in 2020; the NKAA will make a determination to extend the educational assistance to other students.

As part of the NKAA’s project, Dr. Sekajipo the group has carried out environmental and health education in New Kru Town.

He said the medical supplies were mobilized in consultation with the medical staff of the Redemption Hospital and final determination of their distribution is now in the preview of the medical staff.

Dr. Sekajipo said that the medical supplies were donated by a US based group Brothers and Brothers Foundation that has had long standing relationship with Liberia in the area of education, especially the provision of textbooks.

Cartons of medical supplies presented by NKAA leadership at Redemption Hospital warehouse in Monrovia.

The has a membership of about 300, and meets annually to raise funds and other supplies for Liberians irrespective of backgrounds.

In acceptance remarks, Toagoe Karzon, expressed gratitude to the NKAA leadership and donors for the medical supplies, and promised to convey to the medical staff of the hospital.


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