Kpelle Speakers Launch National Union


A National Kpelle Union has been established in Liberia. The organization’s name, “National Kpelle Union of Liberia,” was established on July 12, 2020, in Monrovia.

In a press release, the organizing Chairperson of the Union, Emmanuel Tokpah Barrow, said there has been no better time to bring the Kpelle speaking tribal group in Liberia under one umbrella than now. As such, he stressed that they need to come “together, unite under one umbrella, and be able to speak with one voice mainly in making political decisions that will affect their interest and their livelihood.”

According to Mr. Barrow, the organization is not a political party and will not operate as such. But he said they will not be silent on issues that affect the interest and livelihood of their people.

“We are not a political party and we do not seek to become one. What we seek is to be able to stand together in unity and speak with one voice when it comes to making political decisions. Our voice will be heard and, as the largest tribal group, we will seek our rightful space within the national dispensation.

“Our first and foremost concern will be to develop ourselves financially through business entrepreneurship, infrastructure development, support our children to acquire better education, and help to support the delivery of quality healthcare within our communities, villages, and towns.

Barrow further said that the union will also promote its tribe’s rich cultural heritage that sets them apart from other people, which includes dignity and empathy for all human beings.

“We are earnest people, hardworking, obedient, and respectful of all persons. Also, we have realized a need for an organization that represents us, that celebrates our unique heritage and our rich culture,” Barrow said.

According to him, in the past, several attempts were made to establish an organization that will bring the Kpelle people in Liberia together. But those attempts failed because they mistakenly considered it to be a Bong County organization or establishment.

“I want to emphasize here today, that the National Kpelle Union of Liberia is not a Bong County organization; rather, a union that will be established charters in all the 15 counties of Liberia. And in each charter, we will create zones and cell groups within their respective communities.

“I have come to ask for all of us, who are Kpelle speaking people in Liberia, to come together and unite. For in unity, success is sure. We also welcome our cousins of the Kpelle tribe from the Republic of Guinea, who are residing within the borders of Liberia, to join us. This Union is for all Kpelle people, everywhere in Liberia and beyond.

In closing, Barrow cautioned his fellow kinsmen and women that there will be attempts “by some people or politicians to try to divide us by using our own people against us but we have to unite and remain focused on the task ahead.”


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