Kpanwen Names Road in Honor of Liberty Church

Pastor Simeon Dunbar and community dwellers at the road-naming ceremony

Residents of Kpanwen Community, Lower Johnsonville have named a major road that links the community to Johnsonville Township in honor of the Liberty Christian Center (LCC).

The community named the road in the Church’s honor because of the lengthy support the leadership of the church made while constructing a bridge linking the community with Johnsonville Township.

Jerry Quewea, chairman of Kpanwen community said before the church could construct the bridge, residents were trekking on a ‘monkey bridge’ to access Johnsonville in search of the closer catchment of medical facility and local market from Barnersville, a situation that caused lots of difficulties for the residents.

Quewea said it was through tte community’s request that the church saw the need to construct the bridge that now helps community dwellers to address some of their challenges.

The construction of the bridge has so  much impressed the residents, because they are now connected with Johnsonville.

“It is the community’s turn to show appreciation by naming the new road and bridge in the church’s honor,” Quewea said.

The bridge constructed by the Liberty Christian Center.

Quewea’s worry now is that the road rehabilitation and bridge construction projects should not be the end of the church’s help, but to also maintain the road and the bridge, especially during the rainy season.

Mrs. Amelia M. Merchart, elder of Kpanwen, said the community was not known to neighboring communities, but with the help of the church, they are now being identified, and so they are grateful to the church.

She said the Liberty family recognized the need of the community and came to their aid and asked them to help develop the road for the improvement of the community.

LCC Pastor Simeon Dunbar told the residents that the church has neither political ambition, nor attachment to any political party, but is a Christian organization of peace-loving Liberians who are their brothers’ keepers.

He said the government cannot do everything alone, and so the church and other religious organizations must see the need to address some of the community needs.


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