Kpan Town Begins Construction of Two Bridges


At long last, the problem of bad road connecting the Townships of Barnersville and Caldwell is finally being tackled with the construction of two bridges in Kpan Town Community, on the outskirts of Barnersville, in Montserrado County District # 11.  Construction began began last Saturday.

The chairman of Kpan Town, Elder Francis Dunor said the bridges would not only address the inaccessibility of the two townships but would tackle illnesses because of the compulsory walk in the unhygienic water, and boost businesses.

Old man Dunor said the construction of the bridges is a 65 year-old burden on the town and the people are grateful to Mr. Michael Saye Gilayeneh for his support.

“We are happy for you to come to our aid after several appeals to construct these bridges,” Elder Dunor said.

 Youth advisor and spokesperson of the town, Nehemiah Johnson, also thanked Mr. Gilayeneh for the philanthropic gesture, and an ‘Honorable Title’ was conferred on Mr. Gilayeneh in appreciation for his timely assistance to the community.

Johnson said the town expects the bridges to be completed by July 16.

“There about 3,800 inhabitants in Kpan Town and it will engrave in their hearts the good work of Gilayeneh,” Johnson said.

The president of the youth, John Togba, described Mr. Gilayeneh’s gesture as a “clever and hardworking political move," adding, “This is the best way to campaign, doing things for the people far ahead of elections,” Mr. Togba said. “With this it’s very easy to win the hearts of the people.”

He added: “We want to encourage the involvement of the youth to end this project.”

 A prominent citizen, Mr. Robert P. Gbeonquoi, Sr., said the erection of the bridges is the heartbeat of the town.

 For his part, Mr. Gilayeneh promised to provide materials and underwrite the workmanship of the chief engineer.

 He initially donated 30 bags of cement, six pieces of RCPs, a truck load of crushed rocks and sand.

Close associates to Mr. Gilayeneh said he might contest the representative seat of Montserrado County District # 11 in the ensuring 2017 elections.

The chief engineer and consultant of bridges, Victor Gilayeneh, who is also the Assistant Resident Engineer of Montserrado County, said each of the bridges would take for at least two weeks to construct given to the availability of materials.

“Each of the bridges is divided into three phases. Phase one is the installation of the one-line 36 inches diameter of concrete pipes and the back filling,” engineer Gilayeneh said.

“The 2nd and 3rd phases include the installation of the 48 inches of diameter concrete pipes and back filling as well as light grading.”


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