Kpademai Citizens Crave More upon Tasting Development

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    The town of Kpademai and its citizens are craving more development despite being considered the most modern and civilized town in Lofa County and by extension Liberia in terms of modern facilities and other amenities.

    The town residents, through an initiative of one of their renowned sons, Journalist Aaron Kollie, just completed the construction of a modern town hall equipped with a refrigerator, DSTV service shown on a 52-inch plasma television, and a 10-KVA generator that supplies electricity for at least eight hours daily.

    Kpademai is known as the “City in the Forest”, and is located in Voinjama District with the fog-covered  Wologizi Mountain overlooking the town all year round. The surroundings are lush and green with clean natural air and fresh flowing river and streams at one end of the town. Nearly 2000 residents live in the 150 houses in the town.

    Kpademai’s citizens gathered in Monrovial on Christmas Day for a reunion. Most reside in Monrovia, while others reside in other parts of Lofa and throughout the country.

    During the festivities most of the citizens called on central and regional government officials to take development to the people. They lauded Mr. Kollie for the initiative, which they said would add another dimension to the town’s daily life; which is principally concerned with going to and coming from the farm, and then going to bed.

    The residents thanked Mr. Kollie for adding amusement to their daily routine by building the town hall where they converge every evening to watch DSTV and interact. The citizens termed the construction of the town hall and its following incentives as a milestone.

    They called on other well-meaning citizens of the county to emulate the example of the veteran Liberian journalist and engage in projects to improve the lives of rural dwellers.

    Saybah Kollie, a resident said: “We want to call on our government officials and other big people in our society to start helping us village people. All of the natural resources that the people are enjoying in Monrovia come from the interior, but our government officials forget to give back to us. It is unfortunate that we have been considered the least among our nation’s people.

    She furthered, “We are grateful to Brother Aaron Kollie who has seen the need to give back to his people by constructing this beautiful town hall and providing us with electricity every night, we are very grateful to him. If more of our brothers and sisters who have achieved Mr. Kollie’s level in society were giving back to us villagers’, our lives could improve a little bit.”

    “We no longer have to go on the three-hour walk to the main road to charge our phones anymore because we have electricity in our town now. When it is in the evening are happy to come to town and watch DSTV. Mr. Kollie will always be in our hearts because of what he has done in this town. He has proven his love for us,” a youth who identified himself as Subah Farkollie, said.

    For his part, the man in the center of the development initiatives, Mr. Aaron Kollie said that he was proud to see his people so anxious to develop their town and their lives. “When I announced this initiative, my people embraced it wholeheartedly; and everyone, including women and children, worked tirelessly for us to reach where we are today.

    “This initiative’s credits should not be attributed to me, but the people, because they have been in the center of it all. I am grateful that we have reached this far. I want to call on everyone to see this project as their own and take good care of it so we all can benefit meaningfully,” he concluded.

    Meanwhile, the residents disclosed that the town chief has asked them to contribute LD $50.00 every month for the upkeep and running of the generator and other equipment.


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