Koulibaly Sneaks Victory in Bayoh Final


    Ghanaian Brothers’ substitute Oumaru Koulibaly pounced on a wild ball in the second half to release a diagonal shot to clinch the 1-0 victory over Claratown Oldtimers in the finals of the Kelvin M. Bayoh friendship tournament yesterday.

    The match was played at the Conference Center sports ground.

    Regrettably after the regular time that favored Ghanaian Brothers, Clara Town Oldtimers were unhappy.

    Some of their players began to verbal throw insults at match officials. They did not care who was around.

    Clara Town Oldtimers had wasted a glaring opportunity early in the first half. They seemed younger than their opponents, and officials said that should not be the case.

    The match winner, Koulbaly did not give them the chance and wrapped up the game, with a beautiful left footer that sent the crowd cheering.

    The winners received a beautiful trophy, presented by LISCR President Mustapha Raji, who also received an award.



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