Korto Kollie’s Killer Charged


Belile Barry, the 27-year-old man who confessed to the murder of 42-year-old Korto Kollie, the woman who was discovered dead in a grey Honda jeep at the Goodwill Garage at the intersection of Benson and Lynch streets in Monrovia on Saturday, March 25, was yesterday forwarded to the Monrovia City Court for trial.  The defendant was sent to court after the LNP formally charged him with murder.

The incident occurred on March 24, just up the street from the Antoinette Tubman Stadium, where the wake-keeping of Liberian music star Quincy B was being held.

According to police, defendant Barry allegedly had “violent sexual intercourse with the victim in her anus” that caused her to bleed profusely to death.

At yesterday’s hearing, Barry was remanded at the Monrovia Central Prison where he will remain to face his murder charge, because the crime of murder does not qualify him for a bail.

Court records showed that on March 24, the deceased and her brother, identified as Wilmot Kollie, both left their Harrisburg residence in Montserrado County for Monrovia.

When they arrived in Monrovia, the police investigation revealed, the deceased left her brother and went to look for her boyfriend, Barry, at the garage where they were spotted together the entire night of March 24 enjoying themselves in the vicinity of the garage.

Unfortunately, the next day, March 25, the lifeless and naked body of Ms. Kollie was discovered in Barry’s garage. She was subsequently rushed to the J.F. Kennedy Hospital in Sinkor where doctors there pronounced her dead upon arrival.

Police alleged that while Barry and his victim were together that night, Barry induced her with alcohol (‘Old Soldier’ gin) before he sodomized her, which rendered her unconscious and led to her subsequent death.

The document further alleged that prior to Kollie’s death, she and her boyfriend, Barry, who have been in a relationship since 2006, got into a very serious argument about her relationship with another man, identified as Papaye Fayiah.

But, Barry, the document claimed, had been bitter over his victim’s relationship with Fayiah, and because of that, he decided to seek revenge.

“Barry wanted to accomplish his unlawful act against his victim, by inducing her with liquor, which rendered her helpless,” police investigation alleged.

“Our forensic examination conducted on the body established that Barry sexually abused his victim in her anus several times wherein she sustained multiple injuries that caused her to bleed severely resulting to her death,” the investigation further alleged.

“It was based on those findings that we charged Barry with murder in violation of Chapter 14, subsection (A), Section 14.1 of the Penal Code of Liberia,” the investigation recommended.


  1. What really killed Korto Kollie? The alcohol or the anal sex? What yard stick did the police in Liberia use to make their determination? Did government conduct autopsy to determine the cause of death or the police just made the conclusion that 27 years old Barry killed Korto Kollie with his gigantic penis? There is no true to this story that Barry killed this lady with his penis. If it was even remotely true there would be a lot of dead men and women out there. In all seriousness it would depend on what you did it with surely. I mean there are some pretty far out fetishes out there and if somebody went too far with some object I suppose you could rupture something and bleed to death. Gross. What I am driving at is, how did the police come to the conclusion that rough sex killed Korto with out autopsy?

    • What is wrong with you Wonokay? Having sex with a woman in her anus is deadly. The anus was not made to withstand such force. If Kotoe was your relative I bet you would make such a baseless accusation on the police. A human life is lost due to wickedness from Barry. These areas of the human being contain soft tissues. My deepest sympathy to the bereaved family.

  2. This guy must face death by hanging. People keep on killing other people in Liberia because the government has failed to carry out execution by hanging. This is complete wickedness at the highest level. The deceased left her home to spend time with him and not with Papaye Fayia. Why did you kill her? Why you couldn’t end relationship with her since you suspected her having relationship with another man?Why did you do this to her and her family? Remember Barry that the wages of sin is death.

  3. Elijah Taylor, do you know there is no pathologist in the entire country? I am making a legal argument that you can not just look at a man and accuse him of killing another person. In the first story, it was mentioned that Barry woke up from sleep and saw the woman dead in an old car that they slept in at the garage and there was a car parked next to them that disappeared. How do we know that Fayiah didn’t kill Korto when Barry was sleeping? One of the arguments is, why are all these homosexual people not been killed everyday around the World, Elijah?

  4. Wonokay Daa, I believe anus sex is enough to kill someone especially if it is forcible
    . Like my brother said your anus is not where sex is supposed to be done it but nowadays people just seeking evil act. May God forgive all those people having anus sex and think is a pleasure. Thank you my brother Elijah Taylor, he must pay for his crime. How can a man rape his own girlfriend in the anus and made her bleed. This world is evil.


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