Korkoya Voted for Obama in 2008

-According to new evidence; Senator Prince Johnson wants him to resign

Jerome George Korkoya voter registration information

New revelation suggests that Jerome George Korkoya, chairman of the National Elections Commission, may have voted in the 2008 US presidential elections, which was the first time Democratic candidate Barack H. Obama ran for the top office.

The new document, from the New York State Board of Elections (BOE) Voter Registration Search, shows that one Jerome George Korkoya voted as an active Democrat with a residential address: 195 Steuben Street, Staten Island, NY 10304.

The new discovery comes against the backdrop of Cllr. Korkoya’s insistence that he is ‘a Liberian,’ but has remained mute on his purported American citizenship.

The Jerome George Korkoya who voted in the 2008 US elections is believed to be the same Jerome George Korkoya, who now heads Liberia’s Elections Commission, a position which, according to the Liberian Constitution, he would be ineligible to hold.

As revelations mount against the Jerome George Korkoya being a US citizen, many observers are saying that Cllr. Korkoya would have to come clean and tell the truth.

While Cllr. Korkoya insists that the US citizenship allegations are nothing but a ‘smear campaign’ against him, Nimba County Senator Prince Y. Johnson (PYJ) told the Voice of America (VOA) Daybreak Africa Program that it would be better for Cllr. Korkoya to resign his post if it is true he holds two passports.

“Under Liberian laws, it is wrong for any Liberian to hold passports of two different countries, because this country does not allow dual citizenship,” Sen. Johnson said.

Meanwhile, Sam P. Jackson, former economic adviser to President Charles Taylor, has said that until Cllr. Korkoya can exonerate himself from the allegation, he cannot be trusted with the October elections.

Mr. Jackson spoke on Tuesday via phone from the United States on the ELBC Bumper Show in Monrovia. He said the allegation about the NEC chairman’s US passport should not be overlooked because his loyalty is involved.

Jackson posted yesterday on Facebook that he is organizing Liberians to take the Korkoya case to ECOWAS, the UN, and the International Crisis Group.

“Any future national and local elections presided over by Jerome Korkoya cannot be free, fair and credible,” Jackson said, “because there can be no legal mandate to govern Liberia by the winner.”

He believes that Korkoya succeeded in persuading the President and the lawmakers to get him the NEC position, adding that if he holds a US passport, “under Liberian Law, Korkoya has committed perjury.”

“Cllr. Korkoya, who has vowed to uphold the Supreme Court’s decision on the controversial Code of Conduct, must himself come with clean hands,” Jackson said.

On Tuesday’s Bumper Show, Cllr. Korkoya phoned in to challenge anyone who has valid evidence that he holds a US passport to take him to court. “One thing the detractors need to understand is that social media is not the court or any legal instrument to declare me guilty of any wrong doing. I am a Liberian citizen and that is all I have to say,” he declared.

In a new development, a civil society organization named Consortium of Civil Society Network of Liberia (CSNL), yesterday said it has investigated and found out that those accusing Cllr. Korkoya of being an American citizen are yet to genuinely prove their claims.

“In our mind and from a rational context, this is a broad-day scheme to distract the progress of our democracy and freeze our upcoming and historic elections,” CSNL chairman Amos B.S. Kanneh said.

“We have ascertained facts that those pursuing such a fruitless agenda to undermine the workings of the NEC under chairman Korkoya are nothing more than anti-democratic agents and detractors. They would do anything to oppose him simply because he and his team of commissioners are resolute and uncompromising about enforcing every provision of our electoral and statutory laws,” Mr. Kanneh said.  He added that it is disappointing and detrimental to the country’s democracy for anyone to pursue Korkoya, “simply because he is doing what is right and legally prudent.”


  1. I thought the Korkoyahs are from Bong County? Does acquiring citizenship of another country and coming back to Liberia to contribute to the country of your birth a bigger deal than people who were born in corruption, raised in corruption, still living in corruption and still want Liberia to be the way it is today? You guys wake up from your slumber and target the real issues of our country. We need to encourage our citizens to follow the good systems that are put in place. Until this is accomplished we will continue to put the blame on the wrong people and places.

  2. Well, let Rebel Prince Johnson ask his fellow Nimba County Senator Thomas Grupee to resign first, then we know he’s serious. Nonsense!

  3. This information is false. Not even the US government knows which candidate a person voted for. The ballots are secret.

  4. D. Gibson, Edna, I know you maybe trying to protect your vested interest when it comes to foreign citizenship.

    But the document shows he is a DEMOCRAT, which is obvious in the us. Every registered voter’s political interest and affiliations are stated. For the factsame and records in the office this kind these informationsites are collected. If the document shown is facyual, yes he is an active democracthe and voted democract.

  5. I am not sure how long Mr. Korkoyah has served as Chairman of the Liberian Elections Commission. I want to believe he has conducted several national elections. Are there any evidence of irregularities in those elections he conducted as consequences of his alleged US Citizenship? If so, can such be made public? If no one has any evidence to support any elections irregularities conducted by Mr. Kokoyah, I say shut up. If anything, Liberians should commend Mr. Kokoyah for his decision to return to Liberia and serve his country.

    Liberians at home should be grateful to Liberians who travel abroad, obtained higher education in various disciplines and return home to participate in the overall development processes of Liberia. Diaspora Liberians did not leave Liberia by their own volitions. They left in mass to escape self-destructive wars perpetuated by the likes of some of the origins of these divisive tirades. Does any Liberian think that all things being equal (civility and peace in Liberia), Liberians could have left Liberia in such large numbers? Think again.

    This nonsense about foreign citizenship MUST stop. Now is the time for Liberians at home to embrace their brothers and sisters abroad who are willing to return home and make Liberia home again. To those who constantly dwell on this foreign citizenship issue, I say you are in fact part of the many reasons Liberian entrepreneurs abroad are unwilling to invest in Liberia. Further, some of you who are perpetuating these hateful renditions are nothing but relics of the old orders who portrayed themselves as patriots, progressives, and vanguards of the people in the 1970s. As a high school student on BWI in the late 1970s, I remembered the likes of some of you promising the Liberian people that when given the opportunities to govern Liberia, you first decision would be to sell a 100 pound bag of RICE for $5.00 USD. One can today painfully recall when the opportunities presented itself to you, you failed miserably. Your venomous tirades are unhelpful.

    African countries like Nigeria, Guinea, Sierra-Leone, among others, welcome their citizens from all over the world who are citizens of other countries with opened arms and no conditions. Only in Liberia the issues of dual citizenship is a taboo. This has to stop and must stop now.


    J. Flomo Matthew
    Cleveland, Ohio USA

  6. Fromoyan was a Liberian citizen and he could not count from 1 to 3.

    This is a side issue. Even those writing are now hiding their US passport. The only reason PYJ is not US citizen is because they would not have him. We need COMPETENCE and Korkoya is doing his job. The day I take the opinion of a murderous rebel over that of a sane civil servant is the day I will forget Liberia and that will never happen.

  7. Liberia is a poor underdeveloped, war scarred country today because of the divisive tactics of many of it’s politicians and citizens. Liberians run with open arms to the Lebanese and the Chinese who practically run things in Liberia and in this public forum Mr. Karwnue seeks to vilify and criminalize Korkoya because while in forced exile, he choose to enjoyed the full fruits of the country which took him in by becoming a citizen.
    Maybe Liberians, many of whom did not flee during the civil war, are still narrow minded and backward.
    Like Korkoya, we are all Liberians, watered by same well water, seasoned by the same kayan pepper, fried by the same red palm oil, and sustained by our hunger for rice and fufu.
    Mr. Kwanu, I am sorry but your efforts here could have been spent in the pursuit of something less vapid than this.


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