Korean Sues Diamond Spring Mineral Water


The Korean Trading Corporation (KTC) has sued the Diamond Spring Mineral Water before the Debt Court at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia for failure to settle US$7,500.

Diamond Spring is one of the suppliers of ‘safe drinking mineral water’ in the country.

The “Action of Debt by Attachment” lawsuit filed on April 13, seeks the court’s approval to confiscate properties belonging to Diamond, and include them as part of the recovery of the debt they allegedly owed the KTC.

KTC also asked the court to compel Diamond to pay the money and other financial obligations to include cost of the court, six percent interest and others expenses incurred by the entity while filing the lawsuit to be determined by the court.

The lawsuit alleged that the defendant, along with its agent, Alfred Dodoo, entered into a five month sales contract and agreement with KTC on November 24, 2015.

The agreement was for Dodoo to purchase KTC’s KIA Trade vehicle for the amount of US$11,000.

Upon signing the said agreement, Dodoo made a down payment of US$3,500 leaving the balance of US$7,500, which should have been fully settled within a period of five months as of the date of the execution of the agreement.

“The defendant, having paid on the date of the execution of the contract, promised to pay the balance of US$7,500 on or before April 24, 2016,” the court’s record alleged.

The record alleged that KTC made several oral and written requests to the defendant since April 24, 2016, to honor their promises.  “They have refused to pay the agreed debt,” the document claimed, “and that the defendant has intentionally and deliberately refused and neglected to pay the amount in question as they agreed, despite all good faith attempts to fully settle its financial obligation.”


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