Korea Wants Gov’t Restitute US$247,500


Consul General Writes Pres. Weah

The Consul General of the Republic of Korea, Edwin T. Juah, is seeking President George Weah’s intervention in resettling a US$247,500 case involving four Koreans and some agents of the National Security Agency (NSA).

In 2014, some agents of the NSA arrested and seized US$247,500 and other valuables from the four Koreans.

The Koreans, Chae Dae Byoung, Choi Jung Woo, Chakwang Woon and Aleck Gold were exploring possible areas to invest when they were arrested by the NSA.

They were subsequently released without any charge, but their money and valuables were never returned to them as the Board of Inquiry former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf set up to probe the matter had requested at the time.

Following investigation by the Board of Inquiry then headed by Cllr. David A. B. Jallah (deceased), former President Sirleaf accepted its recommendations which, among many other things, advised the government to refund the US$247,500.

Madam Sirleaf had then instructed the Ministry of Justice and the NSA authorities to implement the recommendations of the Jallah Committee.

But in a letter dated June 28, 2018, and addressed to President Weah, Mr. Juah said in spite of the instruction from the then president, coupled with several interventions including the one led by religious leaders from the Council of Churches of Liberia and those of the Korean Consul-General, the amount has remained unpaid.

According to Juah, the refusal by government to provide the Koreans’ money did not only expose the Koreans to further hardship, “but even contributed to the death of Choi Jung Woo.”

He meanwhile appealed to President Weah to ensure that the money is returned to the Koreans in furtherance of the strengthened ties and cordial bilateral relationship subsisting between Korea and Liberia.


  1. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her boys at the NSA and MOJ at the time chopped that money. Weah should go after her. Her son was the Director of the NSA anyways. He should be brought to justice for the Koreans money.

  2. The government is unable to return the money, simply because it was possibly stolen and split amongst the top investigators. This shows how currupt and dishonest our government is, which is very embarrassing in the eyes of the international communities.

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