‘Koo’ System to Help Rural Dwellers

Jonako Binda.jpg

Mr. Jonako Binda of Bong County and a senior personnel analyst at the Internal Affairs Ministry is organizing the “Koo for Rural Self Development,” to help unite rural dwellers to work for each other’s interest.

The Koo System is widely practiced in rural Liberia where two or more people join to help or work for each other, especially during the farming season.

Binda said people’s homes were either broken down or damaged during the civil war and lack of material support has made it difficult for their reconstruction.

He added that most of the youths have grown up with little or no skills while unemployment is rife among them in rural Liberia.

“The idea for this initiative is to mobilize and encourage rural dwellers to help themselves and construct better houses,” Binda said.

He said leadership for accountability and implementation will be set up to ensure the success of the exercise.

“I will organize committees to call on the national government, individuals, humanitarian organizations as well as rural dwellers to contribute towards the process either in cash or in kind, which will be tools such as cutlasses, hammers, nails, saws, axes, shovels, diggers among others,” Binda stated.

The most difficult part of the Koo System, he said would be feeding, and therefore the youths would be encouraged to get involved in agriculture, and would also appeal to national government, humanitarian organizations, individuals, as well as rural dwellers to support this exercise.

“This could also help develop our country because it will be a community initiative where the young people and those with technical skills will be encouraged to participate to rebuild homes for themselves and their communities,” he said.

Binda said the exercise would be organized like a cooperative business in which young men and women are brought together to work for each other.

“I am convinced that Liberian youth, when they are properly organized, can work on this project,” he added.

Binda said the association is expected to be launched shortly and the fifteen counties will be grouped into four regions. A team with experience in building and other disciplines would form part of the leadership.

He will work along with county authorities for the implementation of the Koo System through town hall meetings and will also need the assistance of the National Housing Authority (NHA) and political leaders.

The Koo System is practiced in rural Liberia to provide help to rebuild the community, as well as provide support by using young men and women to engage in community service.


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