Kolubah Chides Chambers for Failure to Display Leadership

Rep. Kolubah has lambasted Speaker Chambers for his insouciance and failure to display leadership in the immediate aftermath of the tragic death of his colleague, Rep. Adolph Lawrence (pictured) in a motor road accident.

Following Representative Adolph Lawrence’s death

Montserrado County District #10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah has chided House Speaker Bhofal Chambers for what he says was the Speaker’s cold indifference and failure to demonstrate leadership in the immediate aftermath of Representative Adolph Lawrence’s death in a tragic motor accident.

Speaking in a SKY FM radio interview with talk show host T-max Jlateh, Representative Kolubah said  although Speaker Chambers had been informed by the ambulance crew conveying the body of accident victim Dabah Wilson that Representative Adolph Lawrence’s body was still at the accident scene, he went home unlike other members of the Legislature who had converged on the scene.

According to Representative Kolubah, those legislators who converged on the accident scene included Senate President Pro Tempore, Albert Chie, Rustonlyn Dennis, Edwin Snowe and others with Speaker Chambers being notably absent. Dismissing suggestions that Speaker Chambers may have had a hand in his colleague’s death, Representative Kolubah maintained that his concern was about the Speaker’s displayed indifference to the death news of his colleague and nothing more.

The Representative however did say that as a traditional person, he found it strange that his colleague, Representative Jones was able to navigate his way through the thick smoke emissions coming from the very truck involved in the accident something which the late Representative was unable to do.

He noted that during Representative Lawrence 50th birthday celebrations in Buchanan, they all joined in singing the Christian hymn “when we all get to heaven” as though the  Representative had some premonition of the fateful encounter which was to lead to his death.

He completely ruled out suggestions of Representative Lawrence having been under the influence of alcohol, saying that the late Adolph Lawrence neither drank nor smoked  during his 50th  birth celebration and he therefore found it strange that his colleague had such an accident.. Addressing himself to reports of jubilation by some supporters of the CDC, Representative Kolubah said all those believed to be responsible for the death of Adolph Lawrence will die in similar circumstances.

Rep. Kolubah said prior to the death of Rep. Lawrence, he was never intoxicated or drunk which has been speculated, and for Rep.  Lawrence to run into a breakdown truck, which was riding backward with heavy smoke is ‘traditionally funny.’’

Rep. Kolubah, who spoke on a morning show at SKY FM on Wednesday, March 27, 2019, said Rep. Lawrence and Sinoe County District #2 Representative, J. Nagbe Sloh, were at Lawrence’s 50th birth anniversary few hours to his death. Kolubah is the House Co-chairman on National Defense. He said the fallen colleague was the chief strategist of their “minority bloc,” when they earlier planned to resign from all committees of the House of Representatives as protest against the poor leadership of House Speaker Bhofal Chambers.

Rep. Lawrence died suddenly on Sunday, March 24, 2019, while returning from Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, celebrating his 50th birthday with his wife, Senator Nyongblee Karnga-Lawrence and family members.



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