‘Koloqua Festival’ Set for December


The Liberian Stars Views in collaboration with the Ministry of Information, Cultural  Affairs and Tourism has announced the first edition of the Koloqua Festival, a cultural event which is intended to celebrate Liberia’s arts and culture and promote tourism.

The festival, according to Augustina Kou Monpleh, founder of the Liberian Stars Views, is geared toward bringing Liberians together to celebrate and promote all things Liberian as well as to attract tourists to the country.

The Koloqua festival, which will be held at the famous Providence Island, is set for December 20th, 2019, according to the organizers.

“This includes our arts, traditional clothing, entertainment sector, agriculture, education, healthcare and tourism. Our goal is to not only show how wonderful we are as a people but to also help change the narrative about our beloved Liberia,” declared Ms. Monpleh.

She continued, “At the Festival, participants will have the opportunity to network with fellow Liberians, shopping for fresh food (cooked or raw, drinks), arts and clothing as well as the presentation of the rescuing of wildlife.

“There will also be a presentation and fun activities such as eating competition, among others. Come let’s celebrate our culture. The theme for the event is traditional wear — Liberian traditional wear,”  Kou Monpleh said in a release.

Kou Monpleh added that the festival is intended to debunk misperceptions that Liberians are people without culture which, according to him, is not true.

She further explained that Liberia is a beautiful country filled with beautiful people, delicious food, outstanding landscape and the best President in the world.

“Oftentimes we hear people say we don’t have a culture. The reason people believe that is because we haven’t been promoting ours the way the other African nations have. I think the festival is a great place to come and start showcasing our culture.

“We are eager to showcase our arts and cultures, beaches for surfing, style of dressing, dances, traditions, music and fashion,” she said.

The blogger further added that Liberia is considered a biodiversity hotspot; therefore, it is important to promote the country’s tourism sector as well.

“Currently, there are 2000 species of vascular plants, including 225 tree species; approximately 140 species of mammals and over 600 species of birds.

“Besides, we have some of the best landmarks, beaches, lagoons, blue lakes, waterfalls, islands; and its time we show the world what our beloved country has to offer,” she said, adding: “Liberia is rated the friendliest country in the World. Come and visit Liberia, come and attend the Koloqua Festival, an experience you will never forget,” she said.


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