Koijee Visits Mayor of Accra on Development Issues

Mayor Koijee in handshake with Mayor Adjei Sowah of Accra

The Mayor of Monrovia Jefferson T. Koijee on Friday, April 20, met with Mayor of Accra, Adjei Sowah, in Accra, Ghana, to discuss, among other things, development and sister-city relationship issues, which are cardinal to achieving a “clean, green and safe city,” according to a press release.

At the meeting, Mayor Sowah told Mr. Koijee, “You are a great young man with a great prospect. I have been following your activities over the years as a political party youth leader and now the mayor of the City of Monrovia.”

Mayor Sowah said the appointment of Koijee as the mayor of Monrovia is a clear opportunity for the young people on the continent in terms of taking charge of the leadership of their respective countries.

“You are very passionate about your country,” Mayor Sowah told Koijee. “It is a great honor to receive you in Ghana and we will work to promote a sister-city relationship between Accra and Monrovia.”

Mayor Sowah further urged Mayor Koijee to think about organizing an association of West African City Mayors in order to have a West African voice with one platform among African Mayors.

Mayor Koijee commended the Mayor of Accra for the warm welcome and the hard work in making Accra one of the most beautiful cities in Africa; a feat he believed that Monrovia can achieve with such a great relationship with Accra and other cities in Africa.

Mayor Koijee said, “With just a short notice you accepted to meet me; I must say that I appreciate this with great admiration. I am optimistic that such a relationship with Accra can help Monrovia achieve more in making the city clean, green and safe.”

He said his quest to make Monrovia one of the cleanest cities in Africa is a dream that he can’t achieve without modeling ideas from Accra, Kigali and other cities in Africa and other parts of the world.

Accra is among the best cities in Africa with excellent landscapes, good roads, systematic waste management, clean beaches, organized zoning, modern shopping malls and busy economies. It also has a flourishing real estate sector that attracts investors from all over Africa and the world.


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