Koijee Denies Interfering in SUP Politics

Jefferson T. Koijee, Mayor, City of Monrovia

Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee has dismissed student activist Martin Kollie’s claim that he is responsible for his indefinite suspension from his post as secretary-general of the Student Unification Party (SUP).

Mayor Koijee brushed aside the accusation, saying he holds nothing against Kollie, “but I am disappointed in him, for making such unfounded accusation at the detriment of the much-admired party.

“It is very much unfortunate that the person who is believed to be the secretary-general of a very noble institution is implying that the institution is susceptible to infiltration and bribery. Martin needs to apologize to the leadership of SUP. This is an institution that has fought for social justice for over 70 years. He needs to subject himself to the institution, because he cannot see himself above the institution,” Koijee said.

Major Koijee said if SUP could not compromise its stance on societal ills during past regimes, it won’t do so now, but Kollie’s accusation is meant to bring the party to a low standard.

Koijee believes it is easy to level such allegation against him, because he is one of the most easily accessed young leaders in the country, and has often served as a channel for young people.

Student activist Martin Kollie: “Koijee gave money to some members of SUP’s Executive.”

Shortly after his recent suspension from SUP, Kollie accused Mayor Koijee of bribing executives of the party with undisclosed amount of United States dollars to orchestrate his suspension.

The party, in its official statement, said that Kollie’s protest was without the approval of the party’s leadership, and therefore he was suspended for time indefinite.

“There are some people who intend to undermine our party, because of their selfish political interest on the national scene. We are not going to allow that, because the party remains taller than the CDC,” Kollie said.

In an official response to Koijee’s insinuation, Kollie said his accusation is in no way bringing SUP’s reputation and integrity to public disrepute.

“SUP is all that I know, all that I have, and all that I can boast of, so I can never mutilate the integrity of it because SUP made and mentored me. It is Koijee and this intolerant government that intends to undermine the impeccable legacy and incomparable political credentials of SUP by apparently inducing or manipulating someone or a handful of individuals to get me out of our party as secretary-general,” Kollie has said.



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