Police: ‘Koijee Faked Weah Assassination Plot’

CDC Youth Wing Chair Jefferson Koijee

Authorities of the Liberia National Police yesterday released their investigative report into the alleged attempt to assassinate CDC standard bearer Senator George Weah and said Jefferson Koijee, who is the youth wing chairman of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), concocted and tailored the assassination story to win the hearts of partisans.

The report said Koijee and another CDC executive, Sheik Sackor, denied the allegation when they appeared before the LNP investigation board. “Our investigation is of the opinion that Oldpa Weh, alias Long John, George Barry, alias Ivorian, and Mustapha Sesay, who raised the false alarm about the assassination plot, would have been hypnotized by Koijee and Sackor, who were in communication with them (defendants) prior to, including and after the arranged press conference, or they concocted and tailored the assassination story to win the hearts of CDCians, (which is) detrimental to the peace the Liberian people and the sub-region want to see prevail,” the LNP report said. “Koijee, between August 13 to 28, placed seven calls to Barry and one of those calls was placed on August 22, the eve of the press conference,” the report said, adding, “Koijee also had conversation with defendant Barry twice on August 28, while he was within the police holding cell undergoing investigation.”

The report was made available yesterday at the Monrovia City Court, where police surrendered Weh, Barry, and Sesay for trial on charges of multiple crimes. Their charges include criminal malevolence, false public alarm, false statement, and false report to law enforcement officials. At yesterday’s hearing, Weh, Barry, and Sesay were remanded at the Monrovia Central Prison to await trial, because they could not hire a lawyer to secure their bail, though the crimes qualified them for it. Despite the results of the police investigation, Koijee and Sackor have not been charged with any crime.

It all started on August 23, when Weh, Barry, and Sesay, believed to be members of the CDC, during a press conference held at the party’s Congo Town headquarters, alleged that their services were hired by George B. Kailando, a businessman and Unity Party national chairman for mobilization, and Saye-Maye Cole, the party’s Montserrado County’s campaign chairman, to disrupt and cause pandemonium during the CDC rally on August 19 to assassinate Senator Weah. The report claimed that Kailando told them not to be afraid of anything because there were bigger hands like Vice President Joseph N. Boakai and Defense Minister Brownie Samukai behind the assassination plot, and they would protect them. The document claimed that during the evening hours, including the night of the rally, Koijee called Barry, and when he did not pick-up his phone, he contacted Sesay, who answered his call. When Sesay realized that the caller was Koijee, he immediately informed Barry that it was Koijee on the line. “Due to the persistent calls from Koijee and Sackor, they told Barry and Sesay that they were looking for a stolen phone belonging to one big man of the Unity party,” the report quoted Barry and Sesay’s testimonies. “The manner of which Koijee and Sackor were calling us,” the report quoted the two defendants, “made us afraid, so Barry responded to Sackor that they were no longer going to meet with Koijee because they wanted to kill them.”

On the issue of Kailando and Cole meeting with Weh, Barry, and Sesay, the report quoted Emmanuel Dahn, UP Montserrado County District#7 representative candidate, alleging that Dahn met with the defendants in early August. During their meeting, Dahn requested Barry, Sesay, and Weh to help mobilize voters who will vote him into office, because, they (defendants) were very popular in District#7. After that, Dahn introduced the defendants to Cole, and they discussed the mobilization plan beyond District#7. Later Cole and Dahn allegedly introduced Barry, Sesay, and Weh to Kailando.

During the meeting with Kailando, he gave them 100 pieces of T-shirts on August 18 to distribute to the partisans they were going to mobilize. The meeting was held at Kailando’s Hotel on the Old Road, outside Monrovia. “But, at that meeting, nothing was discussed relative to Vice President Boakai, Defense Minister Samukai neither Weah,” the report said. “Barry, Sesay, and Weh did not report the alleged plot of the assassination to any law enforcement agency, neither did they report same to the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL),” the document stated.

Unfortunately, on August 23, the document said, “Barry, Sesay, and Weh took the t-shirts to CDC headquarters and held a press conference, which has no truth; and they presented the UP shirts on a false and baseless allegation,” police said in its investigation. “CDC did not report or initially call on the police to investigate the alleged plot of the assassination on Senator Weah, immediately upon hearing or listening to said allegation against him, which was on August 23, until the 28th,” the report indicated. “Barry, Sesay, and Weh never had any conversation with VP Boakai and Defense Minister Samukai,” the report said.


  1. I know the bias Jefferson Koijee from Calvary Baptist. How could he take his nonsense to this level? The LNP should charge him with criminal conspiracy and have him serve his term in jail. It is persons like him who are capable of disrupting the fragile peace we all continue to enjoy over the past 12 years. Idiot!!!

  2. This is very serious security threat to the country and he should be punished. These are the characters who want state powers in Liberia and will take the same security threat tactics with false plots information. As a result, innocent citizens will be arrested and imprisoned, eventually lead a police state and war. KEEP CDC AWAY FROM STATE POWERS AND AVOID FORMATION OF SELF-MADE PARAMILITARY SECURITY FORCES IN LIBERIA.

  3. If the above information has any relevance at all, then yes due process for those who allegedly faked Weah’s assassination must go on in a court of competent jurisdiction. Police record is just a first-hand observation of the case, which is not a legal court’s final decision of the case. We will have to wait for the entire case to be concluded by the court.
    Now friends, what do we also say about due process concerning those who actually killed 250,000 civilians for nothing and are walking around today in Liberia?

    • P.T; who triggered the whole commotions that led to the killing of 250,000 people. Why don’t you stop looking at the surface; look deeper. It was a domino theory, one thing led to another… Get Real! You tell us, who killed 13 promenent Liberians with no due process of LAW? By the way, do you know that the killing of one promenent person caused World War l; that led to World War ll? When it comes to the Liberian Civil War, Liberians including you,

  4. These are the kind of activities that made Samuel Doe unpopular with the Liberian people. Lies, false incrimination for the sake of power and money, led to the death of many prominent Librarians. With Mr. Weah’s minute political experience, might end up like Samuel Doe.
    The reality is, his main support base are former combatants and so-called disgruntled youths who probably live in the world of fantasy. These are people that expect so much and so Quick with or without pain. If they can’t get what they want, if Mr. Weah become president, let’s watch out.

  5. Mr. Bernard Goah, the answer to your question is simple. By the way, the number
    of innocent people killed during the war is 350,000 and not 250,000. But the
    answer to your question is because, the woman Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf who
    organized, solicited and raised fund for the war is walking free as President of
    Liberia. Although the Truth and Reconciliation Commission she installed with support
    International Partners, rendered its Findings that Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is
    barred from holding public office for 30 to 35 years. Yet, she was elected President.
    How in the world it was done is anybody’s guess! So, Liberians are living with it
    for now until justice comes to their aid and prevails.

  6. Assassination allegation of any candidate in a momentous presidential election is a serious matter, but maliciously tying the name of a principal of the Security Sector, (Minister of Defense) to such a plot has grave public order implications. So kudos to LNP for speedily investigating, arresting and charging the suspects.

    But a police report which begins with “Our investigation is of the opinion” including a hypothetical statement such as “would have been ‘hypnotized’ by Kojee and Sackor…” doesn’t exude the degree of confidence the gravity of this case deserves. Usually, police reports would “reveal bla, bla”. It is left with defense counsels of accused to suggest that what the police have are “opinions”, for lack of evidence or sufficient evidence. This is significant, no wonder ineffective communication, botched collection of evidence, or charging accused without regard to the elements of crimes are few of the contributing factors for cases being thrown out of court. Inevitably, when prosecution can’t hardly get convictions, impunity reigns supreme.

    Moreover, we would have liked to see the police report starts with “so far, our investigations reveal….” For one thing, coming up twice – 2014 and 2018 – with the same assassination plot can’t be seriously attributed to winning “the hearts of partisans”. After all, “partisans” are the reliable base of a political party, hence, they don’t need dangerous disinformation attempts to be energized. Something not right with that footloose motivation considering the risks, no folks.

    We, therefore, suggest that the allegation, standing on its own, should be treated as an information subject to further evaluation for security intelligence value of any kind. Like we said in another post on this topic, the US Secret Service which protected Obama and does the same for Trump is accustomed to receiving hundreds of assassination tips. Secret Service agents, regardless of the authenticity of the reports, keep them on the active file for a long time while investigations are being quietly conducted.

    In other words, LNP shouldn’t close any case concerning alleged assassination of political leaders, not even when the lying trio here got charged. Meanwhile, all the presidential candidates ought to have Executive Protection Service (EPS) guards 24/ 7, and their job would be to protect the politicians, not spy on them. Certainly, ignorance has the potential of stoking conflict just like seemingly crazy allegations.

  7. Yes! “Hypnotized” was well used in this case since it appears likely that the witnesses in question were been organized to testify with no regard to mindfulness. The report suggests that they were placed in the state of external influence to testify. Howbeit, I think CDC/Weah needs to come out on this one, making her position clear.

  8. We have killers all over Liberia moving freed and enjoying
    first class life where by our people struggling day and night .
    Poor justice system.

  9. Jefferson Koijee must resign as Mayor of the City of Monrovia and face the law of Liberia for raising false alarm and causing peaceful citizens to panic. His false alarm could have cause several innocents to die for nothing.


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