Koijee Takes Issue with Justice Minister Dean

The CDC party top brass was present in full in Montserrado County District 13 on Nov. 17, to support their candidate. Youth Chair and Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee (in green outfit) happened to be in the assigned area of opposition candidate Cornelia Kruah-Togba when the scuffle took place.

Wants November 17 violence investigated

Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee yesterday vented his anger against Justice Minister Cllr. Musa Dean for “poorly handling the recent political violence in Montserrado County District #13 by-election, which was eventually won by an independent candidate.

Mayor Koijee expressed disbelief that a sitting government official was accused by a sitting Senator of illegally carrying arms during a political rally, but the Justice Minister is yet to institute an investigation so as to establish the authenticity of the accusation.

“It is unfortunate that we have a Justice Minister who has refused to institute an investigation in the wake of a grave accusation on a senior government official who, it is claimed, carried arms at a political rally. The allegation came from a sitting Senator of Grand Bassa County, and the Justice Ministry cannot do anything about it? I am disappointed and call on the Justice Minister to correct the errors committed,” Koijee said.

“Look! We run a government, and we have a Justice Minister that is duty-bound to protect lives and properties regardless of the status of a particular person, and he sits there watching these kinds of gross breach of the law continue.  I call on you, Mr. Justice Minister, to do the right thing,” Koijee ordered.

It can be recalled that on November 17, a stone-throwing battle ensued between partisans of the ruling Coalition of Democratic Change (CDC) and partisans of the alliance comprising the Unity Party (UP), Liberty Party (LP), the Alternative National Congress (ANC) and the All Liberian Party (ALP), during final campaign rallies ahead of the Montserrado District #13 by-election.

However, an independent candidate, Mr. Edward Flomo, otherwise called “Color Green” emerged winner of the , according to results announced by the National Elections Commission (NEC).

An eye-witness to the melee, Grand Bassa County Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence accused Mayor Koijee of being in possession of side-arms while leading youth of the governing CDC to a campaign rally of UP-Alliance candidate Cornelia Kruah-Togba.

Since the campaign violence, several organizations, including the United Nations (UN), African Union (AU), the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) and the Association of Liberian Journalists in the Americas (ALJA) have condemned the violence.

ALJA termed as “unfortunate” the electoral brawl which erupted between partisans of the ruling CDC and supporters of opposition candidate Cornelia Krua-Togba in the Montserrado County District #13 by-election during the campaign rally held in the township of New Georgia.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, November 20, ALJA said it condemns the reported gangsterism, and called on the Weah Administration to act swiftly in order to bring those allegedly connected to the melee to justice.

The Association said the reported street fight is reminiscent of Liberia’s ugly past, especially the successive civil wars, which callously destroyed thousands of human lives and millions of US dollars’ worth of properties between 1989 and 2003.

ALJA said the report is “troubling for a country that is evolving from 14 years of civil wars.”

Meanwhile, the Association has urged the Liberian government to set up an independent panel of eminent Liberian organizations for a speedy, honest and objective investigation of the crisis.


Also, a joint press release from the UN, the AU Liaison Office in Liberia and the Office of the Special Representative of the President of the ECOWAS Commission in Liberia, expressed grave concern on the violent incident that took place at a campaign rally in Monrovia and ahead of the November 20 District 13 # legislative by-election in Montserrado.

In the statement, the UN, AU, and ECOWAS condemned the acts of violence and stated that it is inimical to the continued peace and stability in the country as well as to the holding of credible, transparent and democratic elections.

However, the UN, AU, and ECOWAS welcomed the prompt intervention of officers of the Liberia National Police (LNP) in carrying out a thorough investigation, with a view to identifying the perpetrators of the violent incident and ensuring that the law takes its full course.


  1. Irrespective of his characteristic ruffian persona, Koijee is right in this instance and our much touted bluff boy turned Justice Minister Musa Dean is wrong. Any incident outside the norm and resulting to harm or threat of harm to any one citizen or more, ought to claim the immediate attention of our law enforcement people for prompt investigation. This is necessary to in order to understand how the altercation started, who started it, why, etc? The answer to such inquiry could thereby help law enforcement to forestall or prepare how to deal with any recurrence of the incident. The fact that Musa Dean and his selective law enforcers failed to do that, is yet another indication of the uselessness of this government in doing anything worthwhile to disprove its detractors. We can only guess that the police and the Justice Ministry neglected to investigate this matter simply for fear of angering Koijee or George Weah, in case the result was not favorable to them. This is what happens in any society run by patronage and not merit. Appointees become beholden to their benefactor, with no loyalty to the state. Some of the reasons why “tenured” positions are necessary in some instances, for the occupants to be protected and fearless in discharging the duties of their offices. And that other ex-con turned representative Morris Kofa, and associates did not see it that way. Liberia must really be cursed. One wonders for how long?

    • His job is to clean shit, not to open his big mouth. This ignorant rebel needs to be discipline. Musa, you see what happen when you mix with illiterates? You and Gbezongar inside now.

    • No wonder Rodney Sieh, and other political activists camouflaged as journalists insult the intelligence of you hypocrites on a daily basis. You scream and cry on the basis of free speech and a free press when a common editor or reporter, while exercising his freedoms and rights, abuses those rights and freedoms viz the protection of the reputation or rights of others, national security, territorial integrity or public safety as prescribed by law!

      But then, on the other hand, you are the very ones, whether out of inferiority complex, mere hypocrisy, or chronic ignorance, would somersault to criticize and even insult another, or in this case, the Mayor of the nation’s capital, who is simply expressing his disagreement with another public official (the Justice Minister), like himself the Mayor, for THE JUSTICE MINISTER’S STRATEGIC INACTION to hot button issues and semi-conflagratory imbroglio within the public officialdom and jurisdictional province of the very Justice Minister, and of course, all happening within the national capital governed under THE MAYORSHIP of the very mayor! You people must be going nuts!

      Of course, when an official from another sovereign country (Stephen Rapp) comes with his raps to preach his sermon about the very kind of justice – international criminal justice which his country vehemently rejects, and even passes a law against the very international criminal justice, it should be the will, sensibility, intellect, and conscience, of the Justice Minister of the country where this insulting and hypocritical sermon of justice is been preached to take some form of official or personal STRATEGIC ACTION OR ACTIONS IN IMPLEMENTING THE PEOPLE RIGHTS TO KNOW! More so that the phenomenon, legitimacy, and the legality, of rights indeed fall within the jurisdictional province and officialdom of the Minister of Justice!

      Accordingly, instead and far, far, far, from been disrespectful of Mayor Jefferson Koijee, you people should be applauding him for his patriotic courage and valour viz the implementation of the rights of the Liberian people to know, and for his intelligence and guts in unrelentingly reverberating the international political sanctification of the territorial sovereignty, and political independence of THE SOVEREIGN REPUBLIC OF LIBERIA!

      Truth knows no barrier!!!

    • Yes, Matthew, I am a judge and especially for people we pay so much money to do a piece of job and yet they prove to be so incompetent, like your god Musa Dean. Did anyone have to remind Musa Dean as minister of Justice to institute an investigation into a combustible situation that could have ended in more blood share had the other side stood up to the hooligans led by Jefferson Koijee? Where is the justice in that case for those who shed blood in that incident and needlessly just for exercising their right to assemble as partisans or supporters, to celebrate and vote in an election? What will motivate other voters in future elections when they too, can be brutalized, or even killed for expressing opposing views in an election and with impunity? If by now Musa Dean as Justice Minister has not instituted any commission of inquiry to probe into how that commotion started, by whom, why, etc., then by all means, he does not deserve to be called “Justice Minister” from now on. Rather he should simply be called “Cllr. Musa Dean,” as the partial, partisan clueless justice Minister he is. Any so-called Justice Minister with an ounce of brain under their skull to power their action, would want to know why a group of citizens were shedding blood in any part of the confines of his/her country. In fact, and perhaps it is better that Musa Dean did nothing in this instance than wasting scarce resources with predictable outcome like the few laughable ones he has made since he became Injustice Minister. It shows the guy is one useless incompetent blundering dunderhead. Got that, Matthew? Just a hint.

      • I concur with you Hilary Snyder. As is the case in school administration, where some are only competent when it comes to teaching, but not administering the administration of a school whether college or university or mere grade school, so is the case with some lawyers. Musa Dean, no doubt is a great lawyer, but from what I have observed since he became justice minister, he is only an asset for litigations and not for the position of justice minister.

        Mayor Koijee is handsomely right! How on earth will a justice minister sit supinely and unconcerned while Stephen Rapp comes right under Musa Dean´s ear to invoke issues of war crimes prosecutions and condemning the government when the government of Stephen Rapp is trating its own homegrown war criminals as Kissenger etc. and those of Israel with impunity?!

        No justice minister of Liberia has ever allowed such a slap on the face of the nation! J.Oliver Bright! Chea Cheapo, Winston Tubman, Jinkins KZB Scott, and even those who served under the last adminisration would have never condoned such an insult from Stephen Rapp or any foreign official!

  2. Musa, don’t give this small boy the time of day. Jefferson is a rebel , an uneducated grona boy and it speaks a lot that Weah cannot discipline this fool. We should all take the garbage and dump it at his front door becasue he don’t know his job. His job is to clean up shit in the streets not open his big mouth./ . This is what happen when you put frog in taxi. Jefferson Kojee and all calling press conference. Liberia really spoil

  3. I strongly support and agree with Jefferson, the justice minister should have held him (Jefferson) responsible for his actions that led to many being wounded. A man who left where he was told to campaign and went to another candidate’s zone was wrong and needed to be arrested and prosecuted for his alleged criminal action regardless of his position in the government. No man is above the law.

  4. Let us stop being inadvertent, Liberia is at a stand stall, nothing working. the three branches of Government are like indiscipline grade school students on recess brake. we are only talking strong, acting strong and powerful but we are wrong and strong.
    It’s time to verbally keep quite and listen to the sounds of implementations.

  5. Let us stop being inadvertent, nothing is working now a day. Liberia is at a stand-stalled the three branches of government are behaving like indiscipline grade school students on a recess-brake.
    We are talking too much acting strong but we are wrong and strong.
    Let us now keep silence and listen to the sounds of implementations only!

  6. Issue ? What issue ? Minister Dean has been sending mixed signals of where the Ministry of Justice stands on issues of national interests. His Ministry supported the bogus loans deal saying that it met the required standard of Liberian laws . Only to be proven wrong or otherwise. His Ministry speaking to defend the House of Representatives before the Supreme Court in the impeachment proceedings said that it was the responsibility of the Justice Ministry to defend any government officials in the court of law . But did nothing when the House of Representatives violated the constitutional rights of an active government official. The Minister does not have to like or dislike anyone , but to enforce the law , and allow the chips to fall where ever they may. That he refuses to do. Under his leadership at the Ministry of Justice, the Minister washed his hands of the elections violence that took place within the police spokesperson saying that there was no evidence that the Mayor was at the center of the violence. The CDC brought in a so-called social revolution for change, without explaining to the nation what it was. Minister Dean accepted to be part of that social change, whether he understood that or not. But to play politics by one day switching political decisions of where he stands is what got him in trouble with the under performing Mayor to speak to him in that manner. Simply put , be who you say you are with integrity at all times and every where. And so the so-called under performing Mayor thinks that Minister Dean is just another lying public figure as far as the so-called social revolution is concerned.

  7. Dear Mr. Justice Minister, the recent revelation that the Mayor Koijee and his goons attacked innocent citizens, during District 13 election, warrants criminal prosecution by law enforcement, but you were afraid to arrest Koijee.. Now he’s blasting you for “poorly handling the recent political violence” because he knows you have NO balls…

    Since you don’t have any, I am putting 2 ganga balls in a sack, and delivering them to your office with a note that says, “Here you go, Counselor Dean, use these …we need someone with BALLS to deal with Koijee and his goons!!!

  8. The Mayor of the city of Monrovia, himself a hooligan, is surrounded by hooligans calling themselves police. Just look at their dress code. Some in brown trousers, while others are in multi-color trousers. They all, including the so called Mayor of Monrovia, seem to be high on drugs parading the streets of Monrovia ready to engage anyone that come their way. These “Grona” boys who still need to be rehabilitated for the experiences they underwent during the war years. They are still traumatized and need help. These are not the types that you recruit to form part of your police force. They steal, kill, and are believers in violence as this is the only language they understand. Regretfully, this little mayor who still needs to go to school talks from his ass but shit comes out of his mouth. The Justice Minister should ignore him.

  9. Cllr. F. Musa Dean was rewarded the position of Minister of Justice [after Charles Gibson was rejected] due to his role at NEC during the case based on ‘Irregularities’ during the October 10, 2017 elections. The outcome: George M. Weah won the elections! Although he doesn’t have international football skills, this requirement is in his job description, but WE [even our lawyers] DO NOT READ TO COMPREHEND. With this new development, and yet another distraction, he may soon be replaced by Cllr. Arthur Tamba Johnson as is being circulated. Cllr. Dean and Cllr. Cooper Kruah are colleagues. It’s a family affair. How does any mayor, anywhere in the world, publicly reprimand/insult the Minister of Justice? Can the Liberian children now call 911 on their parents?! Next…

  10. When the illegal system starts abusing their powers and the civilians don’t feel like they are getting their rights, it is then they take things into their own hands and that is what causes an internal break down.


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