Koffa Taskforce Sends 11 to MoJ

Individuals who have been CLEARED:

In furtherance of the General Auditing Commission (GAC) Report Compliance Review Exercise, the Special Presidential Taskforce (SPTF) says it has taken a series of interim actions on the implementation of the reports as recommended by the Public Account Committee (PAC) of the Legislature.

Minister Jonathan Fonati Koffa, who chairs the SPTF, said that following a comprehensive compliance review process, the Taskforce has referred 11 individuals and six institutions in the GAC report to the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) for further investigation and prosecution.

“There were a number of individuals who were inadvertently listed or who provided the required documentation and have been cleared from further process,” Minister Koffa said.

He, however, noted that the review exercise continues on individuals and institutions who have requested for more time to provide documentation on funds spent under their respective tenures as indicated in the GAC reports. They are given until the end of June to conclude the process.

The below listing contains names of individuals and institutions that have been referred to the MoJ for prosecution, cleared, and those pending review by the compliance office of the SPTF:

Names of individuals who are requesting for one month extension



  1. No discerning observer who’s been following the political inquisition SPTF will be impressed. After all, Chairman Verdier of LACC and his team of investigators sent similar cases to MOJ. But, reportedly, the failure to effectively prosecute and convict accused included the following: apathetic attitude, incompetence, impatience to abide by evidentiary rules, and, ironically, corruption within the criminal justice and judiciary systems. By the way, it is ancient news.

    It makes one wonder that while richer democratic countries avoid unnecessary expense and duplication of functions among government agencies, the President of a country overwhelmed by pervasive poverty duplicitously and brazenly founded her own Gestapo to clone LACC. And tellingly she enthroned at its head the Chairman of LP, a party which allegedly is being bankrolled with funds that could’ve been put to better use in a much needed war against poverty.

    To end, considering the despotic control over everybody and everything the constitution hauls over to the holder of our highest office, probably it is legal to hound anyone who refuses to conform to arbitrary rule. (It’s been that way for some time in our Republic). This means curtailing the powers of the imperial presidency is a first step on the journey to reconciliation, long – term stability, and sustainable peace. Conversely, nothing of benefit is gained by political vendettas, because vengeance only breeds vengeance. It’s a vicious cycle that always destroys aspirations for national unity.


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