Kobazzie Urges Liberian Youth to Avoid Being Used by Politicians

Pop singer Kobazzie.

Ahead of the upcoming Montserrado County senatorial by-election, pop singer Kobazzie has called on youth in the county to avoid being used by politicians to cause chaos or spread fake news.

“While I appreciate the activeness of young people in recent politics, I’m totally disappointed in the manner and ways they conduct themselves by not putting the issues of good governance above self-interest and the interest of the politicians,” Kobazzie added.

The pop singer noted that the youth of the county need to stop allowing poverty to be the main reason why they should sell their rights by voting for handouts.

“I understand poverty is severe among the youthful population of the county but it should not be the reason why they should not demand good governance from politicians seeking elected office,” the singer said. “By voting for a handout instead of good governance, they are conniving to work with the same people that have denied them the dividends of the country’s wealth.”

Meanwhile, Kobazzie, who has just released a new single with Davido, the “Bounce” remix, has urged the youth of this county to genuinely and fully participate in the upcoming Montserrado County senatorial by-election. However, he advises, it must be done on the basis of putting country first, instead of self-interest.

“The youth of Montserrado County must, this time around, not allow themselves to be used as political tool to subvert the will of the people by the same people (politicians) who have brought this mess to the county.

“These so-called politicians and influential guys only used these youths for their benefits and care less about their lives and the future of the country. The best way they can avoid voting for rogue politicians is to vote for a candidate who places keen interest or value in good governance,” Kobazzie noted.

The Bounce singer further motivated his fellow compatriots to place keen attention or focus on education, unity, and togetherness.

Kobazzie added: “Education is the way to stop this. Let’s begin to educate ourselves on the importance of unity and togetherness. While it is true that the politicians need our support, we should not fall to their dirty tricks that always have always divided us. Let’s begin to reject them and their bad influences by voting for people who value or believe in good governance.”


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