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Kobazzie: "It is my prayer and hopes that President George Weah will place keen attention on the fight against corruption, nepotism, and wasteful spending."

–Wants President Weah to tackle Corruption, nepotism and wasteful spending

Politics is not something that HipCo rapper Kobazzie loves to get involved with. But the current political trend in the country has changed his orientation.

The artist, currently in the USA, says although he doesn’t love getting involved into a political discussion, that doesn’t mean he cannot speak out when the need arises.

In a wide-ranging interview, the Afrobeat recording artist spoke to the Daily Observer about issues he believes need to be tackled; the alleged missing billions of Liberian dollars and his music career.

 “Corruption, nepotism and wasteful spending need to be tackled”

The “Drink on Me” crooner noted that Liberia’s major problems are caused by corruption, nepotism, and wasteful spending.

“It is my prayer and hopes that President George Weah will place keen attention on the fight against corruption, nepotism, and wasteful spending.

“These areas, if left untouched, the country will not develop. Year in, year out, the situation will still be the same. Once Liberia is still a poor country, the majority of the citizen’s will remains poor. The only way to turn things around is to actually reduce corruption, nepotism and wasteful spending to the lowest level since it cannot be eradicated totally,” the singer said.

Kobazzie, who is one of the few home-based Liberian recording artists with a university degree said it doesn’t make sense that Liberia, being a poor country, has government officials driving luxury cars which cause tens of thousands of dollars to purchase and maintain.

“We are a poor country, so there is no need to act like we are rich. If President Weah places serious attention on cracking down on wasteful spending and corruption, his government can save enough money to invest in youth development, health, agriculture, and education. It is sad that the government is currently struggling to raise funds to invest in these sectors when half of the country’s money goes to areas that are not necessary,” Kobazzie added.

On nepotism, which involves the appointment of close family and friends, the artist said the practice is causing the government to lose thousands of dollars, probably millions, by paying salaries to people who are unqualified and unable to do the job.

He also said: “Better things will happen if more qualified people are given the job, and this is only possible through a crackdown on nepotism. More unqualified people are in government because their brother and sister are in a position to give them a job; therefore the situation much stop.”

On alleged missing LS16 billion

As for the alleged missing L$16 billion Liberian banknotes, Kobazzie could not say whether he believed if the matter is true or not.

The singer and songwriter noted that his thought will be shaped after reviewing the investigative team set up by the president to investigative the matter.

“For now, I don’t have a definite view on the missing money. I’m waiting on the investigative team’s report to decide. However, if I were the president, I could have set up an independent investigative team to probe into the alleged money matter for more transparency and accountability.

“Right now, people don’t trust the government’s ability to conduct an independent probe, so there is a need for a special independent team to investigate the money matter. I trust the President’s ability to take the country from poverty to prosperity; however, he just needs to double up a little bit.  We need him to take more concrete action to solve our problem. The sooner he acts, the better,” he said.

Debut album in the pipeline

Kobazzie, a native of Lofa County, revealed that he is currently working on his debut album which is expected to be out anytime soon.

“I’m cooking something good but I’m in no rush to drop it. I’m taking my time because I want it to be of quality. You know what I mean, something good. Something that the people love,” ,” the Bounce singer noted.

The album in question and which the artist has not decided to name yet is expected to be 12-track exclusive new songs.



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