Knights Threaten Legal Action Against Mo Ali

Richard Hne Walker, St. Paul River Bank Grand Commandery President, Knights of St. John

– Describes Facebook comment on late Archbishop Michael Francis as “diabolical lie.”

The St. Paul River Bank Grand Commandery of the Knights of St. John International, has given a 24-hour ultimatum to Mohammed Ali, alias Mo Ali, the 2017 election campaign spokesperson of the erstwhile governing Unity Party, to remove a Facebook post stating that the George Weah presidency was prophesied by the late Catholic Archbishop Michael K. Francis., or face legal action.

The Knights’ ultimatum was issued on Tuesday.

Up to press time last night, it was not clear whether Ali had taken down the post. The Knights are demanding a removal within 24 hours from all social media what it called “this nefarious and ungodly post by Mr. Ali and the Unity Party and petition the party to apologize to the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Liberia for the harm and embarrassment the said post has caused the church or face legal action,” the statement said.

The Knights also caution all political institutions and individuals that, “While we encourage and support freedom of speech as guarantee by the 1986 constitution, we will not hesitate to hold all and sundry responsible for the abuse thereof.”

The statement under the signature of the group’s secretary general, Lorenzo Nimely, stated that the group takes serious exception to Ali’s Facebook post that states that the late Archbishop made a report to the Holy See, the Vatican in 1999, in which the prelate made a prophecy on the future governance of Liberia and said prophecy has come to pass with the current leadership in Liberia.

The communication noted that at no time did the Archbishop made any such statement as claimed by Mo Ali, adding, “We want to categorically state in no uncertain terms that this narrative of Mr. Ali is a diabolical lie.”

The Knights stated that Ali’s Facebook comment is an immoral attempt to denigrate the late Archbishop, whose values remain above the frill of triviality, divisiveness and an attack to the nation’s history.

According to the Knights, never did the Archbishop or any Catholic prelate address the Holy Father and the hierarchies of the Catholic Church in what it termed as a disrespectful manner as claimed by Ali’s post.

“The content of the Mr. Ali concocted 1999 report on prophecy to the Holy See is not only treacherous, ridiculous and ludicrous, but an optic of desperation, profuse lies, misrepresentation and distortion aimed at drawing the church at loggerheads with the newly democratically elected government. What a shame,” the statement lambasted (criticized, blasted).

It added that the Knights, as defenders of the Catholic faith, view Mo Ali’s act as a direct attack, not only to the memory of the late Archbishop Francis, but on church and the entire Catholic faith.

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