Killer of NASSCORP Official Sentenced for 75 Years

The late Violet Richmond Thompson, who worked for the NASSCORP office in Ganta, was discovered murdered along with her 13 year-old ward, Annie Moore Johnson.

The Seventh Judicial Circuit Court in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County, has sentenced Exodus Waman to 75 years at the Zwedru Correction Palace for killing Violet Richmond Thompson, and her 13-year old ward, Annie Moore Johnson.

Exodus Waman and his collaborator, Justin Dolo, were convicted on December 21, 2018, after almost two years since the late Violet Thompson and Annie Johnson were mysteriously found dead in their apartment in Ganta in March 2017.

Justin Dolo, who accompanied Waman to where the crime was committed, was sentenced to five years on the charge of ‘criminal facilitation,’ while his fiancee’ Rita Mamie Wuo, was set free (Nolle Prosequi), because the court considered her as a state witness.

According to the court document, Exodus Waman was convicted for murder. His sentence commences from December 22, 2018 to December 22, 2093, while Justice Dolo’s sentence begins from December 22, 2018 to December 22, 2023.

The court document was signed by Judge George S. Willie, Jr., Resident Circuit Judge of Grand Gedeh County.

According to the document, Waman will be qualified for parole after serving 40-years of his 75-year sentence, having exhibited ‘good behavior.’

Immediately, after his conviction was announced, Exodus Waman and his legal team announced an appeal to the Supreme Court.

Convicted for murder: Exodus Waman

Violet and her ward Annie Moore were murdered on Friday, March 10, 2017 in their apartment in Ganta. She had returned from work that fateful Friday.

On Monday, she did not report to work, something that prompted her workmates from the National Social Security and Welfare Cooperation to launch a search for her at her apartment.

When they got to her house, all the doors were locked, while her private car was still parked in the garage of the house.

They immediately contacted officers of the Liberia National Police, who authorized the opening of the steel door and, upon opening the door, Violet was found dead in her bathroom, while her ward, was found dead with her head upside down in a barrel of water in the bathroom.

Her room was also ransacked and all valuable items taken away, leaving the doors locked.

The Police Crime Services department, headed by James Kartoe immediately launched an investigation into the killing, as there appeared to be no penetration into the house from outside.

Through the investigation, one of Violet’s friends who identified Exodus Waman as her lover, stating that he had always been asking her for money to dowry his fiancée.

Police immediately arrested Exodus Waman for questioning, where he admitted being in love with the woman, but denied ever seeing her for several months before the incident and he was not in Ganta the weekend of the incident.

The police further called twice the late Violet’s phone number and fortunately Justice Dolo answered the phone from Sanniquellie. There he was a picked up by police.

When Justice was questioned, he confessed that Exodus Waman gave him the phone, after he had driven him on a mission behind a guest house, where the victim’s apartment is situated, something Exodus also denied.

Again, the police began tracking her communication through the Lonestar Cell MTN number from the night on which she was killed and, again, it was discovered that Exodus Waman was the highest caller.

Waman’s fiancée, Rita Wuo, was apprehended for questioning, followed by a search of their home in Sanniquellie, where most of the valuables taken from Violet’s house were discovered.

Rita, in her testimony at the court, explained that She and Exodus lived in Sanniquellie and, on Friday, March 10, 2017, Exodus Waman asked for excuse from her to visit Ganta and she refused, but with a persistent request her sister and friends convinced her to allow the man to make the trip.

She explained that Exodus left and did not return until Sunday, March 12, 2017 with some bags in his hands and called her into the room where he gave her one black Techno phone and one DVD player as gifts.

“I asked him, you left from here without leaving any money and came with gifts, where did you get the money from,” she recalled, adding, “he said it was his boss man.”

Rita admitted showing the gift to some of her friends, known as Patricia and Catherine, of the same neighborhood and they all came and thanked him for his care.

The lady also explained that Exodus asked her to leave Liberia for Guinea, when she visited him at the Sanniquellie Prison.

Exodus’ testimony was full of contradiction, arguing that he is a peaceful citizen and law abiding and has never been involved in problems with anyone before. However, the prosecution brought in two rebuttal witnesses, to rebut his statement.

He was accused of being involved in criminal acts and still has a case against him, pending in court.

Even on the criminal docket of the 8th Judicial Circuit Court, May Term A.D 2018, Exodus Waman is listed under the crime “misapplication of entrusted property”, a case that has been pending since 2015.

It is also alleged that Exodus Waman was once linked to a murder in Margibi County, detained and somehow released, before moving to Nimba.

Justice Dolo, according to rebuttal witness from prosecution, is also a notorious criminal, who has been imprisoned many times.


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