KidsRight, Partners End Midterm Project Review

KidsRight Foundation and its four project implementing partners

KidsRight Foundation and its four project implementing partners, last week concluded a day-long review of its project that seeks to focus on the protection of children’s rights across the country. The exercise was meant to share the success stories as well as the challenges that each of the partners is currently facing.

These partners include Defense for Children International (DCI), Special Emergency Activity to Restore Children’s Hope (SEARCH), ANPPCAN and Youth Coalition for Education in Liberia (YOCEL).

DCI is engaged in the more legal aspect of the advocacy for children’s right; SEARCH is engage in acquainting youths and adolescents with existing legal framework; ANPPCAN works with children community clubs to teach them about their rights; and YOCEL’s advocacy is focused mostly in the social platform.

The project review exercise brought together four of the major children’s rights advocacy organizations in the country.  According to its implementing agents, the project,will create the platform that will compel government to respond promptly to issues relating to violence against children.

YOCEL founder and executive director Beyan Flomo Pewee said that the meeting was very important in that it provided the opportunity for the partners to assess their performances so far.

“This is meant to keep the collaboration strong and see and know some of the challenges each one of us is going through,” he said.

YOCEL’s program manager, Winright Acquoi, added: “We want to look at the sustainability of the impact so far and how we can address the challenges we all are facing.”

Children’s Rights Activist, Abraham M. Keita, is a benefactor of the project. In November 2015, Keita won the 2015 edition of the International Children’s Peace Prize in The Hague. Today, he was presented with the prestigious award for demanding justice for children who are victims of physical or sexual violence, and for successfully campaigning for the Liberian parliament to adopt the Children’s Law.

DCI and its implementing partners launched the 100,000 euros project focused on the protection of children’s rights in Liberia last year.

Defense for Children International executive director Foday Kawah said that children can grow and obtain their full potentials if a network is created in hard-to-reach places focusing on protecting their rights.


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