Kiatamba’s Lawyers Refute Police Claims of ‘Non-cooperation’

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The case of victim, Varnester Maday Kiatamba (known in the case as Mrs. Esther Glain) who was allegedly brutalized by former Deputy Director of the Executive Protection Service (EPS), Darlington George, has taken another twist with the police allegedly accusing the victim of not showing up for investigation.
However, lawyers representing the victim’s legal interest have refuted the police position in a strongly worded statement issued Monday.
The Liberia Law Society maintained that it is providing legal support to Mrs. Glain and vowed that it will do so consistent with the laws of Liberia.
“The Law Society would like to clarify reports that it has refused to present its client, Mrs. Glain, to the Liberia National Police for investigation consistent with the Laws of Liberia,” the Group noted.
With utmost concern, the firm said, statements and insinuations that its client did not comply with ongoing police investigation are far from the truth and intended to mislead the public.
“On Thursday, September 17, Attorney Samuel Kofi Woods II, Ms. Piso Saydee Tarr of the Gbowee Foundation and a Representative Group of Women from the Women In Peace Building Network (WIPNET) escorted our client, Ms. Esther Glain, to the offices of the LNP,” the statement said.
“Upon arrival at the police station, our client and Attorney Woods joined a team of investigators spending more than 2 hours duly submitting to all relevant procedures. At the end of the process, our client signed her statement in the presence of the investigators.”
According to the Liberia Law Society position, during the investigation, Atty. Woods informed the team of investigators that his client was still ill and severely traumatized by the experience and needed medical attention.
“In fact our client, Ms. Glain, was en route to the hospital on appointment, but decided to suspend the treatment in order to cooperate with the investigation,” the statement said.
According to the Liberia Law Society, prior to the commencement of the proceedings, the police was informed about several issues, one of which included Mrs. Glain’s need of urgent medical attention.
“She was treated at a local clinic near Barnersville when the incident occurred, but said treatment was deemed inadequate. On Tuesday, September 15, a formal complaint was submitted to the Police Station in Barnesville,” the statement added.
The statement also indicated that anonymous persons have threatened Ms. Glain and potential witnesses that have agreed to testify. “It is the expectation of the Liberia Law Society that the government would move speedily to address these issues to ensure that justice is done.”
The Law Society has however called on the government to perform its constitutional duty consistent with the laws and refrain from “any attempts to shift blame and accuse our client, the victim, of non-cooperation.”
The Law Society urged the government to take note that ordinary citizens are weary, overly suspicious and convinced that justice is the exclusive preserve of the rich and powerful.
The statement of the Law society further said, “In this case, a fellow colleague of the security service is involved which is even more frightening. It must speedily address the medical situation of our client and deal with the alleged threats to our client and all potential witnesses, we are constantly reminded about the case of Michael Allison and the kind of justice meted out.”
The Law Society wants government to do more to reassure the public that justice will be done.


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