Kesselly Blvd. Gets US$9K Market

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In continuation of its community based development initiatives in Electoral District #12, the “Friends of Dr. George Beyan Samah” on Friday, July 8 dedicated a newly constructed marketplace in the Kesselly Boulevard Community thus bringing relief to marketers of the densely populated community. The marketplace construction is estimated at US$9,000.

During the dedication of the market, the founder of the friendship, Dr. George Beyan Samah, said the market project was initiated as a result of the numerous calls he received from marketers of the Kesselly Boulevard Community.

Dr. Samah, who worked for the United Nations for over 10 years, said the district can only be transformed through collective efforts and the cooperation of its residents. He stressed the need for the provision of basic social services for residents.

“The district is challenged with the lack of infrastructure developments, limited capacity to enhance quality education, unsafe drinking water and other basic social services to adequately improve the livelihood of our people,” Dr. Samah noted.

According to him, market women play a vital role in the society, therefore it is important that their requests be given urgent attention.

He thanked the district Representative, Richmond Anderson, for the level of work so far, but said more needs to be done in the district to bring relief and improvement to the livelihood of the people.

“Just last week we dedicated a market project valued at US$20,000 at the redemption market, and today we are here to dedicate another market project valued at about US$9,000. This shows our level of interest in empowering women within the district,” he said.

Dr. Samah has meanwhile admonished residents of the district to be aware of political actors in the upcoming 2017 presidential and legislative elections.

“Fellow Liberians, and people of District #12, as 2017 draws closer, there will be many political actors contesting. Please be reminded that there will be those who have retired politically with fake promises to achieve their selfish dreams,” Dr. Samah said.

He added: “In my opinion, if proper representation will be felt in the legislature, residents of the district should begin to celebrate tangible projects and not too many empty promises, for history repeats itself.”

The Superintendent of the Chicken Soup Factory Gulf Market, Madam Alice Gorpu Yeebahn, expressed appreciation to the friendship for the continued level of development within the district and thanked the community chairman and youth for their collective efforts towards the implementation of the market project.

The dedication program was attended by residents of District#12, market women, community leaders, elders and youth organizations.

The “Friends of Dr. George B. Samah” was established in 2013 to identify with the less fortunate communities in District #12 and beyond.


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