Kennedy Sandy Postures as Messiah


Kennedy Sandy, Political Leader of the opposition Liberia Transformation Party (LTP), sees Liberia “as a country that is under bondage as the result of corruption from people we put in power, but I have come to free the country from this bondage, if elected, because for too long we have suffered.”

Speaking at a program declaring his intention to participate in the 2017 presidential race, he said he would free the country from the overbearing issues of security, health, education, and agriculture.

He said for years, Liberia’s development has been undermined as a result of corruption; and for that, the country needs transformation, which would happen with the election of people with creditable credentials to take the country out of its present bondage.

Mr. Sandy, who made the statement on Friday, October 28, at the party’s headquarters in Sinkor during a formal program his supporters held in his honor, did not say how he would address the issues of agriculture, education, health and security, but told the gathering that for several years, Liberians have lacked basic social services, including better-equipped schools and safe drinking water. “These are things that the country should not lack, including a good health care facility; it is a shame for our ‘big people’ to travel to different countries to seek medical attention.”

According to him, he came to re-contest the presidency to transform Liberia from poverty to prosperity. “I want to see a Liberia where everyone can have a national insurance form that will take them to various hospitals whenever they are sick without taking money with them.

“On the education level I don’t see the reason why school going children should be sent home for school fees, because when we become president, we will prioritize education, better health care facility for our citizens since we already know the importance education plays in the development of any nation,” Sandy said.

He told the gathering that there is a need to increase the exportation of ‘Made in Liberia’ products instead of importing foreign goods.

“I did not see any of these things happening in our country. The only thing my eyes can see is the sea and the ocean that is eating our country up just like the way corruption is eating us up as well. I can assure you that if I am elected your president, all of those things will be our foremost agenda,” Sandy promised.

He promised to establish factories and industries, “because we have no shoe factory in this country and must import everything that we wear.”

The essence of having more factories and industries, he said, is to create more jobs.

“An enabling environment would be created by the LTP where education would be afforded by all ordinary Liberian citizens irrespective of political, economic and geographical affiliations and locations,” Sandy said.

He also promised that the LTP government will intensify massive and sustainable production of rice, the nation’s staple food, when elected in 2017.

“I must emphatically state that the LNP needs complete transformation that would make the security entity people centred at all times in our country,” Rev. Sandy added.

Sandy also pledged the LTP’s support to the full implementation of all environmental and zoning laws that lacked the teeth to bite those in the constant habits of abusing the country’s environment.

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