Kemayah’s Accuser Calls for Lie Detector Test

Amb. Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemayah, Minister of Foreign Affairs

Even though the government and other stakeholders are yet to establish any fact linking Ambassador Dee Maxwell Kemayah to the sexual harassment allegation levied against him recently by Whynee Cummings Wilson, an employee of the Liberian Permanent Mission to the United Nation, the lady herself has challenged the Ambassador to a lie-detector test. 

A lie-detector test, also known as a polygraph test, records the body’s involuntary responses to an examiner’s questions in order to ascertain deceptive behavior. The test measures physiological data from three or more systems of the human body-generally the respiratory, cardiovascular, and sweat gland systems-but not the voice. There are other tests that test the voice for deception. 

The American Polygraph Association, which sets standards for testing, says that polygraphs are “highly accurate”, citing an accuracy rate above 90 percent when done properly. Critics, however, say the tests are correct only 70 percent of the time, according to an article by American Public Media.

No doubt, polygraph testing has generated considerable scientific and public controversy. 

According to the American Psychological Association, courts, including the United States Supreme Court, have repeatedly rejected the use of polygraph evidence because of its inherent unreliability. Nevertheless, polygraph testing continues to be used in non-judicial settings, often to screen personnel, but sometimes to try to assess the veracity of suspects and witnesses, and to monitor criminal offenders on probation.

It is not clear whether Liberian law enforcement or the Judiciary have ever administered polygraph tests and, if the Government of Liberia were to order a polygraph test for the accused, such a test may have to be administered abroad. 

The polygraph test, as requested by Madam Wilson, may be her only hope to prove her case against Amb. Kemayah, given the fact that since the alleged incident took place in January, she is only now speaking out. 

Madam Wilson said the reason she waited until now to report her encounter with Kemayah is because she felt that his appointment by President Weah to the Foreign Minister post means a “predator has been awarded.” 

A [sexual] predator is defined as a person seen as obtaining or trying to obtain sexual contact with another person in a metaphorically greedy or abusive manner.

While investigation is ongoing to substantiate the truism surrounding her claims, the timing of the public disclosure of the incident has left many people in the public space with skepticism as to how true this allegation is as it is just coming in the wake of Ambassador Kemayah’s appointment as Foreign Minister.

As it was with U.S. President Donald Trump’s nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, where the President questioned why parents of the accuser could not take the case to law enforcers, so it is becoming the case of Whynee Cummings Wilson who concealed the allegation for months without any record that such an incident ever took place.

Speaking to reporters in a virtual interview, Madam Wilson said “I want to make it clear that I am not lying; it is not political and nobody anywhere is behind my action! This is my decision not to be silent, suffer in silence that no other woman or young girls would have to endure the shame, humiliation, hurt, emotional damage to me at the hands of Amb. Kemayah. 

“I stand ready to take a lie detector test and ask that he does the same in the United States to prove me a liar and prove his innocence,” she said.

She said “Amb. Kemayah’s action affected me emotionally over the months. I was thinking how to speak out but, with the increase of rape in Liberia, with the way I have heard the cry of so many Liberian women who are unable to speak, so I decided to be their voice.”

Ambassador Kemayah’s lawyers have also rubbished Wilson’s allegation and described it as a trick to demoralize his reputation for her “devilish” goal.  In a communication sent to the Daily Observer regarding the allegation, the legal team of Kemayah questioned the credibility of Wilson’s allegation and wondered how a person expressing emotional regrets over such a grave act can wait after several months to come out at a time people are talking about rape.  “Didn’t she know that from the beginning?” The legal team wondered.  

Amb. Kemayah’s legal team has also catalogued his achievements that came with moral conduct in the public space, where it said he had led several organizations including the famous Liberian Business Association (LIBA) and several sport clubs that he was not named in any ethical misconduct.  

The report of Ambassador Kemayah’s involvement in sexual harassment comes at the time when President Weah has declared rape as a national emergency and launched a roadmap to address the issue of sexual and gender based violence (SGBV).  With this declaration, women groups in the country have called for the withdrawal of Kemayah’s nomination.

For instance, the Female Journalists Association of Liberia (FeJAL) after the allegation against Amb. Kemayah, called on President Weah to withdraw his nomination until he is investigated and proven innocent.

Ambassador Kemayah, in a five-page document response through his New York-based legal team, the Tilem & Associates, said “We are aware that long before his nomination as Liberia’s Foreign Minister, a handful of detractor’s unleashed an avalanche of failed attacks to hunt him down into disfavor with the President.”

Mrs. Una K. Thompson, the head of the joint women rights groups, Women Rights Campaign for Justice and Women of Liberia Peace Network, said they are raising the issue at a higher level to ensure that justice is done to both Kemayah and Wilson.

Mrs. Thompson, who herself is a former employee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs from the Sirleaf administration, said the women’s network is making sure that the case is non-political because they strongly believe that women’s issues should not be politicized. 

She called on the Senate to stop the confirmation of Ambassador Kemayah until the complaint against him by Madam Wilson is addressed through a speedy investigation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


  1. Why are they suggesting or subjecting a polygraph test for Madam Wilson instead of Mr. Kemayah? He is the accused and need to prove his innocence to the allegations. This is her words against his words and the leverage need balancing since there is no third party version to the situation. If they think polygraphic test is good for her, Madam Wilson, then, it should also be good for him. Mr. Kemayah.

    • Joseph Akoi, it is the accuser Madam Wynnie Wilson requesting polygraph test.. So you are wrong to ask such question as :”Why are they suggesting or subjecting a polygraph test for Madam Wilson instead of Mr. Kemayah?”

  2. When a woman accuses a man of sexual harassment, shouldn’t we try, as best as we can, to find out the TRUTH?? If so, then the Ministry of Justice should conduct an investigation into Madam Wilson’s allegations, and report its findings to the Liberian Senate. The Senate have a duty to thoroughly and carefully vet Mr. Dee Maxwell Kemayah before confirming him. …



  4. Please note that the accuser, madam Cummings-Wilson is the one who has offered to take the polygraph test. I have the sense that she wants to prove her truthfulness beyond the doubt anyone might have.

    I am not here to say that Cummings-Wilson is guilty. What I would like to say is that Mr. concerned Liberian is 100% correct. A polygraph test may yield a false result! It happens sometimes.

    If the polygraph test is taken by Cummings-Wilson and the result turns out to be negative, what happens? Will the pro-Wilson forces demonstrate? Also if the polygraph test is negative, will Kemayah’s supporters dabble themselves in a tub of booze? So then, what becomes of the Independents who are sidelined on the edges? (The Independents are in the middle. They are unaligned).

    Second question:
    If Cummings-Wilson is administered the test and she passes, what happens? Will Kemayah be unconfirmed? Will Cummings-Wilson get a compensation?

    This case is far from being over. Personally, I have no opinion. My position doesn’t suggest that I refuse to empathize or show sympathy. I will wait for the outcome.


  5. I wonder who are the “pro-Wilson forces” or the “Kemayah’s supporters” that could demonstrate on the American or Liberian soil simply because a polygraph test proved to be negative for either side? Moreover, who are the so-called independents?

    When least expected, technologies have the potentials to be flawed at times. But relatively speaking, some studies have revealed their benefits, by way of the high accuracies they produce, to outweigh their flaws or drawbacks times after times.

    I read a post written by Mr. Charlse Anders wherein he said the case was in court, and therefore people needed to reserve their personal opinion as sovereignty of personal opinion cannot take precedent above the true merits of the law. I personally feel he was right on this point.

  6. Diplomacy, a base of foreign affairs is very sensitive to such accusation. Even if this accused lacks the ability to approach decent women appropriately, its revelation is failure in Liberian traditional morals. This will embarrass international relations in connection to the Executive branch headed by the office of the President. The mere fact that it has been mentioned and brought to public, creates a political mishap. Therefore should give the President of Liberia a precaution and an offer to withdraw this appointment and immediately make another offer.

    Do not answer me. Tell yours to the Liberian people. Gone for long to silent majority.

  7. Yours is simply either a DELIBERATE LIE OR AN IDIOTIC MISREPRESENTATION. The DIPLOMATIC MISSION GENERALLY REFERRED TO AS FOREIGN AFFAIRS is primarily concerned with the promotion of trade and investments, and shared compelling national political interests whether unilaterally, bilaterally, or multilaterally. Hence, such accusations about kisses are totally non issues on such planes. Especially in this accusation which, from a prima facie standpoint, is simply good for the garbage.

    NO PRESIDENTIAL SERVICE together with its DIPLOMATIC MISSION would ever compromise their two institutions and the national interests, by such diabolical and flimsy tactics by political opponents or selfish political actors with the intent of planting such DECEPTIVE LANDMINES on both the domestic and international planes that even ambassadors extraordinary and plenipotentiaries of the President are not choices of the President based on his or her sound judgement! Sound judgement is the sine qua non of any responsible and credible presidency!

    An Ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary IS THE PRESIDENT, AND THE PRESIDENT IS HIM!! THE TARGET of these conspirators is THE PRESIDENT! The presidency, together with his legal and national security advisers MUST NOT go anywhere near the hypocrisy and cowardice of Pontius Pilate (as someone chipped recently), but MUST,

    (1) ACT THE FOX AND THE LION (the spirit of the presidency and its diplomatic mission) in order to, send a very clear message that like is the reaction or action of THE P 5 and other sovereign governments in such matters, conspirators (trap setters, etc and the wolves) shall always be outsmarted and.. if necessary frightened away! For or since,

    (2) NO P 5 nor other serious sovereign governments or states negotiate with plotters, rebels, or terrorists, which is..

    (3) EXACTLY what these accuses, plotters, rebels, and terrorists, are engaged in to stain the hard earned reputations of the Ambassador Extraordinary Plenipotentiary and the President!

  8. The mere fact the ambassador is having a dark cloud hanging over him, I think it is prudent for the sake of decency and morality for him to recuse himself from the nomination and resign himself from his current position. This will be good for our country’s reputation among the comity of nations.

    • “ Frank Weller “, like we educated your breed infra, only the guilty and or those who lack commonsense and of course, stuck in their jungle mentality, do not easily discern that a given “dark cloud “is been machinated by evil agents trying to pull him or her down!

      In short, only laymen or nincompoops who cannot see any further beyond their noses, and their dull skulls, do not understand matters in which political enemies are indirectly attempting to place an unwarranted stigma on a popular administration and coalition which VEHEMENTLY REFUSES to steer the affairs of the State in line with the selfish desires and wishful thinking, modus vivendi and modus operandi of A MOB.

  9. An idiot is one who may not know the true Liberian personality of diplomacy. A professional illiterate is one who might know the academic lay-away fostered from school loans and grants but lacks his or her own traditional knowledge which victimizes illiteracy. When one says tell the Liberian people, this means the people. A political idiot will rather focus on the functions of the Ministry of foreign exchange in trade and investment and forgets the code of conduct that accompany the charisma of Diplomatic relations that support the trade. Now lastly I say to idiots who call knowledge ignorance, do not tell me. It you say you profess to know how and have, Tell the Liberian people. Not me.

    Gone in silence. DO NOT DISTURB.

    • A nincompoop is one (in this case, a D,j,) who,, because he is also a clown, and is extremely inferior, believes in such a matter as this, individuals should be judged based on their nationality, and not judged based on the judicial process! And this is because he Dj with his inferior and dimwitted mentality, cannot see any further beyond his dull skull and his nose.

      • A nincompoop is one (in this case, a D,j,) who,, because he is also a clown, and is extremely inferior, believes in such a matter as this, individuals should be judged based on their nationality, and not judged based on the judicial process! And this is because he Dj with his inferior and dimwitted mentality, cannot see any further beyond his dull skull and his nose.

  10. Patrick Samolu,
    Although the government of Weah has launched an investigation into the Wilson-Kemayah affair, imaginary battle lines of sort have been formed.

    There are Liberians who support Wilson because she came forward to report what had happened between her and Mr. Kemayah, the outgoing Liberian ambassador. Liberians who support Wilson are the ones I refer to as Wilson’s supporters. Liberians who believe that there was no hanky-panky between Kemayah and Wilson are the ones I refer to as Kemayah’s forces or supporters. The Independents in this particular case are Liberians who do not support Wilson or Kemayah. Are you mockingly suggesting that the word “Independent” can be used only in a political situation? You are a knowledgeable guy. What are you getting at? Trying to poke fun at me?

    In your view, do people have to demonstrate on the soil of America or Liberia before one could refer to them as supporters or forces? What’s the purpose of your question? By the way, Miss Wilson has offered to take a polygraph test. I don’t know whether the test will be administered. The question is if she flunks the polygraph test (it’s not impossible) will the investigation go forward? On the other hand, if she doesn’t flunk the polygraph test, what happens? Will Mr. Kemayah offer a mea culpa? By the way, how did the issue of a polygraph test fit your narrative? I think you didn’t understand what I wrote. Please put every doubt aside and re-read what I wrote.

    You’re supportive of a post you claim was written by Charles Anders. Like Anders, I have maintained a similar view. Again, please re-read everything I have said. Now, Mr. Samolu, you have the right to agree with comrade Anders or anyone you feel comfortable with. If you don’t like what I wrote, it’s okay. We are in a court of public opinion!


  11. If the alleged incident happened in the US, this lady should take her case to the US authorities and see what happen. Taking this case to the Liberian authorities is a waste of time!!!.

    • Bill, this lady has no case. And even if she or anyone had a case, and,allowing himself or herself to be used by opponents or jealous haters of the ambassador, the diplomatic immunity in defense of such as ambassador extraordinary plenipotentiary under the Vienna on Diplomatic Relations and its Optional Protocols, bars such people etc allowing themselves to be used as canon fodders, from any such thoughts, decision, or actions, you are suggesting

  12. Patrick Samolu,
    I didn’t respond to your argument that deals with the concept of technology…….your second paragraph. I am not technologically savvy, but I am aware of changes in technology. I know for sure that technology alienates. If a person does not keep up, he or she will be left behind. Technology has all kinds of benefits, but things go wrong sometimes. That’s exactly why I said earlier that Wilson’s suggestion to take a polygraph test could boomerang. Frankly Sir, I didn’t see the point of your lecture as it relates to technology.

  13. Hney

    You asked regarding my question, “Are you poking fun at me?” On the contrary, no, I am not for if I had such intentions, then I wouldn’t have asked you. I would have automatically based my conclusions on assumptions, second guesses, and mind reading. Nonetheless, nobody can read another person’s mind.

    Truly, I mis-interpreted and phrased my question based on the perception that I gathered from your first explanation. I thought you were informing the reading public about groups that were already organized and were planning to either carry on some demonstrations either in America or Liberia given the high profile nature of the incident. On the other hand, you were only trying to present to us some diverse views on how Liberians both at home and abroad could interpret the outcome of the case.

    One of the lessons which I have learned from this episode is human communication can be murky especially when you are engaged in one in which you don’t see the person you are communicating with and because of the lack of none-verbal queue, you missed out on the sincerity of the person you are verbally interacting with via the internet. Thus goes the saying, “actions speak louder than words.”

    I personally don’t engage in parodying, lampooning, caricaturing, or insulting people simply because we share divergent views on some issues. Do not get me wrong. A good laugh is okay sometimes, but the issues facing our nation far exceed the burlesque. We leave this realm to be handled by the trained clown or comedian.
    My mention of technologies was simply to re-enforce the basic truths which I thought you, like I, and millions of others living in the industrialized world already knew. This was not meant to deliver a dissertation on technologies sir even though in my own learning experience I still feel very limited when things come to the fast pace at which technologies are moving by leaps and bounds and in split seconds.

    For example sir: I marveled just the other day when my elementary school niece was showing me how to perform sophisticated data base queries in the most modern version of Excel Spreadsheet. This is a subject matter which I was only introduced to in my high school years. Now some elementary school kids are being introduced to such subject matter at this early stage of their intellectual development.

    What fascinated me even more, the kid could manipulate the data and translate it on a frequency distribution graph through her understanding and exposure to the X,Y axis concept. In any case, I never feel belittled or insulted when people talk to me on grounds of familiarity because such an interaction helps only to solidify what I have been already exposed to, and it makes human communication easier.

    Yes, you are also right when you say I singled out Mr. Charlse Anders’ comments on this issue; however, bear in mind I did not do so because I considered yours and the rest of the other good folks in this learning forum to be foolish or nonsensical. I based my thought pattern on the fact, like all other topics, we sometimes disagree to agree; moreover, I went along with my own bias that the time was just too soon for folks to start the blame shifting game, like Mr. Anders said, and thus disregarding the merits of the case. And for me, the understanding of deeper truth and the accumulation of wealth of knowledge comes about through these kinds of exchanges.

    Sorry, if I misconstrued you. However, I did not do so with any ulterior motive. I was sincere and very eager to know more about the theatrics surrounding the case. My own learning background teaches me to always ask questions if I don’t understand what’s unfolding instead of drawing conclusions through inferences.
    Engaging in character assassination and insults is a lose-lose situation for everybody for there can be no victor; however, engaging in a discussion of great ideas is a win-win situation for every side benefits from it.

  14. Are you a Liberian? if so. Where in Liberia were you born? These are questions for some who claim to know so much about Liberians yet know not the name they bear nor their mothers name. Insipid, yet greed for the brains of others they will never have because they are illicit, illegitimate and crude to the Liberian way. Exploit Liberian women, rape them of their wealth, and even seek to rape men or boys under the disguise of being patriotic. Even if such person works or does not with this newspaper, for example, how will nationalism suffice in his or her scope of neutrality? The point here is to state that nature and science still have not decided the types of diseases that now pin us all to masks with deaths in the world. Thus you should be careful with who you ask for knowledge or those you try to steal them from. Distinguished Ladies and Men, If we have such persons amongst us; Call themselves professionals, and cannot cope with the etiquette of the right not to be disturbed, knowing fully well that this is not a chat room, what benefit will this be? Seems to be like a diplomat who seeks women relationship in exchange for trade to get wealth. Try this with your own daughter. Not my crazy skull. Talk Liberian and examine your words. Are they nationalistic? Make your comments to the people of Liberia. Once again and lastly, Not me.

    Gone to pray for Liberia. DO NOT DISTURB.

    • D,j or whatever you call your dull skull and insane display around here, it is no doubt, neither you, nor your mother (whom you do not know as she has been lost in the street), or your sister or daughter can be said to be fit to be a Liberian or any sound and decent soul.

  15. To cut long matter short voide of arguments and counter arguments, let Kamayah take the lie-detector test, also known as a polygraph test, Simple!!! Be ware, no dedeba inside da one.

  16. Why can’t we read the post of others and respect their views rather personally attacked and rain of insults about their views? These type of discussions results to nothing in terms of constructive ideas to finding solutions about the situation. Labelling and names calling are the wrong way forward on such platform and this has to stop in the interest of everyone.

  17. Joe Akoi,
    I totally agree with you. There’s too much bickering among us. I don’t always agree with most people, but I respect their right to speak what’s on their mind.


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