Kemayah Presents Letters of Credence to UN Secretary General

UN SG Antonio Guterres receives letters of credence from Amb. Kemayah

The Permanent Representative of Liberia to the United Nations Maxwell, Saah Kemayah, Sr., on Thursday, September 20, presented his Letters of Credence to the Secretary-General of the United Nations António Guterres, at a ceremony held at the UN Headquarters in New York.

Amb. Kemayah expressed appreciation to the Secretary General for the opportunity to grant him audience three days after he arrived in New York, despite his busy schedule for the 73rd General Assembly.

Kemayah assured the Secretary-General of the country’s commitment to constructively engage the United Nations to achieve its mandate.

“We look forward towards working with you in ensuring that the mandate of the UN is realized which, on the overall, is the sustenance of global peace,” Amb. Kemayah said.

Mr. Guterres, who received Kemayah’s Letters of Credence, expressed appreciation for the effort to consolidate the peace and promote sustainable Development in Liberia.

A dispatch from Liberia’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations quotes Mr. Guterres as saying that, “Liberia has a special place in his heart and could count on the United Nations for its full support and cooperation” as it strives to sustain the peace.

He then recounted and appreciated the role President George Weah played in promoting the goals of the UN when he served as United Nations Children’s Fund  (UNICEF) Goodwill Ambassador, and looks forward to continuously engaging him as President of Liberia.

Meanwhile, the African Group of Ambassadors to the UN has endorsed Amb. Kemayah as the chair of the Fourth Committee of that world body.

In January this year, Liberia, under the representation of former Permanent Representative Lewis Garseedah Brown, II, received the endorsement of the African Group of Ambassadors to the UN, to chair its Fourth Committee of the General Assembly during the 73rd Session.

There were concerns that the change of Ambassadors could result to Liberia forfeiting the chance, but as Amb. Kemayah presented his Letters of Credence, he also expressed excitement about the endorsement, attributing it to collective efforts made by the staffs of the Mission to ensure that Liberia did not lose the seat as a result of the transition.

Formally referred to as the Special Political and Decolonization Committee of the General Assembly, the Fourth Committee is one of six main committees of the UN General Assembly. It considers a broad range of issues, including decolonization, review of peacekeeping operations and special political missions, relief for Palestinian refugees, atomic radiation, assistance in mine action, as well as the peaceful uses of outer space.

The formal election of Amb. Kemayah by the entire membership of the General Assembly of the UN is scheduled for October 4, which would be during the opening of the main session of the 4th Committee. With the full endorsement of the African Group, Amb. Kemayah is expected to be elected unopposed.

The last time Liberia chaired the Fourth Committee was at the 1961 Session of the General Assembly when the Committee was chaired by Ambassador Angie Elizabeth Brooks.

In a related development, President George Weah and entourage arrived in the United States to attend the 73rd United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), which is his first at that world body as Head of State of the Republic of Liberia, a dispatch from New York has said.

President Weah will address the UNGA on Wednesday, September 26 to proffer the agenda of Liberia at the global stage.

He is expected to participate in several high-level meetings, including the World Drug Problem High-Level Meeting to be chaired by U.S. President, Donald Trump, High-level Plenary Meeting on Global Peace in honor of the Centenary of the birth of Nelson Mandela, and with UN Secretary Antonio Guterres and a High-Level Meeting on Action for Peacekeeping.


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