Kemayah, Clergyman Attribute Societal Ills to National Leadership

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Liberia Business Association (LIBA) president, Dee Maxwell Kemayah, has attributed the ills and wide social gap in the Liberian society to those in top leadership positions.

Without distinction, Mr. Kemayah stressed in a remark that basic values and ethics are lacking in the Liberian society, emphasizing that those in high leadership positions who should properly steer the affairs of the country are caught in the web of widening the gap.

Making the remarks following his induction as chairperson of the board of trustees of the Mount Nebo Baptist Church, the LIBA president underscored that there are three duties one should consider while serving as a leader.

He named these duties as care, loyalty and obedience; he accused top government officials failing to provide the Liberian people and this has led the country to what it is today, according to him.

He emphasized that the position one has in a society has bearing on his or her integrity, stressing that value of integrity is lacking among those in leadership, which consequently leads to poverty and suffering for people of the country.

Though he did not point out who exactly is responsible, the LIBA president asserted that key decision makers in top positions at national level are not concerned about the interest of the country, but prioritize their interest to the detriment of the country.

“Because of personal interest above national interest, it is difficult for anyone to operate in public or private sector independently.  If anyone wants to exercise independence, the person is seen as opponent to the powers that be,” Kemayah asserted.

Mr. Kemayah spoke at a belated Father’s Day program held by the church.

He used the occasion to call on fathers of Liberia to rise up against ills that are rooted in the Liberian society since they have children that could replace them tomorrow.

Assuring the church of his commitment to duty, Mr. Kemayah said, “As I take over this post as chairman of the board of trustees of this church, I have some basic principles by which I live, and I hope that applying them will not make me unpopular to the church and its leadership.”

For Reverend Joseph Gardea Johnson, III of the Restoration Baptist Ministries, Liberia currently needs men of integrity to steer the affairs of the socio-political and economic situations of the country.

In his assertion, Rev. Johnson indicated that key decision makers at the top have allowed ills including same-sex marriage, bribes, and other vices to play dominant roles in society.

He vocally said national leadership has given domineering power to Lebanese in the business sector, leaving Liberians out.

“Lebanese are not investors, but rogues and deceitful people in Liberia to only benefit from the wealth of the country,” the clergyman asserted.

He divulged that some top individuals had attempted bribing him and his fellow pastors with US$10,000 to keep silent on the Truth and Reconciliation (TRC) report, but he personally refused to accept it because he would be contradicting his stance against atrocity.

Rev. Johnson said until Liberians can realize the reason for their existence, they will not realize anything in their quest for development.


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