Keeping the Promise: Sen Dillon Gives Montserrado County US$12K


Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, yesterday fulfilled one of his campaign promises by presenting a check of US$12,000.00 to a special council for use by the county.

Making the presentation at the Capitol Building, Senator Dillon explained that the amount is a part of the remainder of his four months pay, from August to November 2019.

Giving a breakdown of the current harmonized salary of Senators, Senator Dillon said Senators are taking in gross US$10,494.00; “after-tax deduction, we come to US$7,994.00, so I am going to return today four times US$2,994.00, but I will round it up US$3,000.00 so I will give Montserrado US$12,000 today.” He assured the County through the Special Council that they will receive the monthly allotment when he receives his salary.

Senator Dillon, however, warned that there might not be cash readily available, due to the persistent unavailability of cash at most commercial banks in the country.

Prior to the harmonization of the current national budget, Senators were receiving a gross salary of US$15,325 and, after tax deduction, it came down to US$12,000.

The Montserrado County lawmaker maintained that US$5,000 was enough for lawmakers’ take-home pay, and emphasized that his action was to call attention to the bigger picture, that if 103 lawmakers take only US$5,000 each, “We will be saving for this country over US$600,000 every month, which is well over US$7 million that the country would have saved to be put back into the health and education sectors that would make them free.”

Besides the monthly allotment, Senator Dillon said though harmonized, he will ensure that any time he receives his regular gas coupon, he give to the county US$500 of that amount.

Receiving the check, the head of the Special Council, Madam Comfort Bedell Dahn thanked the Senator for living by his words, which she said shows truthfulness to his people.

“We want to say thank you for being committed to what you have said and you continue to do; we pray and hope that other Senators who have been elected to this house will see a reason to act accordingly. I want to promise you on behalf of the council that definitely you will see the fruit of this money, because you have worked for it,” Madam Bedell Dahn, a former Assistant Superintendent of Montserrado County assured.

The established council comprises three representatives each from the 17 electoral districts.

Meanwhile, Senator Dillon has disclosed that there are three signatories to the Special Council account, two from the Council and one from the Senator’s office.


  1. Thanks a million Hon. Dillion for switching up the lights in the both houses for how they have corrupt their people they claimed to served so dear. You have made history for taking the courage to do the things you are doing and this is what every lawmakers supposed to be doing to get our nation somewhere in terms of our way of life. What going on presently in our both houses regarding salaries and benefits is corruption at the highest level and madness from our leaders that so dearly care for folks the claimed they love to represent. How can Liberia paid such money to lawmakers without considering the ordinary Liberians that actually survived on a $2 a meal day? Where and how did this came about to paid such salaries to our lawmakers?

    You have start a cause Hon. Dillon and we hope others will jump the wagon to doing the same.

  2. A wise person once said, “No leader can make a happy, humane, workable society out of a stubborn lot of individualists (Lawmakers) who are more conscious of their rights than of their responsibilities, who accept a low moral standard in government, who want more than they need, and are motivated by fear and greed, some of them forcing their will through blocs of special interests which are prejudicial to the welfare of the whole society.”

    There is a common saying by government officials in Liberia, “The country is broke, no money!” Now we know why development runs at a slow pace in Liberia. Because, acquiring wealth by any means necessary takes precedence over the economic development of Liberia.

    It is ironic for Liberian government officials to cry: there is no money in the treasury to pay civil servants, to run schools and hospitals, to clean filthy city, to provide clean drinking water, to provide 24 hours electricity, to cut down on crime, to provide public toilets, to provide public transportation, to provide traffic signals, to provide good public schools, to provide drugs for the hospitals and so on; yet, Liberia Lawmakers and top government officials are being paid high salaries for them to live lavishly on the country’s meager budget.

    The motive to serve one’s country should not be to amass wealth at the expense of tax payers as is done in Liberia. Service to one’s country should be the utmost sacrifice based on patriotism to one’s country.

    I hope Sen. Dillon continues to keep his campaign promise. If other Lawmakers plan to get rich, then, they need to find other vocations and stop using government positions to amass wealth in Liberia.

    Sen. Dillon, let your example of cutting back on government waste be an example for other patriotic government officials to emulate in Liberia. By doing this, there will be enough money for economic development in Liberia.

    As the wise person said, “…enough money for the welfare of the whole society.”

  3. Hahahaha! Many thanks to you hon. Dillon. This too is Liberia’s. A country’s that had been euphorically filled with corruption. This is a the only country where politicians are the elite class of people.

    In the course of twelve years, the country economic system were heavily abuse by EJS. How a post war nation will be brave enough to design such fabulous salary scheme instead of focusing on the rebuilding of the nation. That is while sociologists defined war as ‘an necessary evil’, because war settled down all disputes and bring rapid development to the state. Paying government officials with high salaries is useless. All these monies they have misused over the years could have go into the private sector; by now we couldn’t have been crying wolf on the economics. EJS did that to fulfill her political will by controlling the entire government.

    While commending Hon. Dillon for giving back to society, it’s not still enough for country that has been classified as Africa’s second poorest country. Government salaries are still enormous. Harmonization should go further, in this light, you have a timely salary, government will save enough money for road construction, school and health and our private sector will boom, investors will flow in, and citizens will be no longer fending behind politicians for daily bread.

    Hon. Dillon is setting the pace for his reelection to the detriment of vulnerable citizens. Such a kindheartedness should not continue in our beloved country. A developed nation means everybody should participate in the developmental agenda of the nation. But only politicians, God serve Mama Liberia.

  4. Liberia needs CHANGE AGENTS in both private and public sectors. ADD has opened the floor. The beginning of the end of endemic CORRUPTION is at hand. After the 2020 mid-term elections, there might likely be 15 DILLONS. We will be getting there small, small.


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