Keep Hope Alive’


Public Works Minister Gyude Moore has called on the 310 graduates of Stella Maris Polytechnic (SMP) to remain hopeful as they ‘enter the world’ upon the completion of their respective studies.

Minister Moore’s admonition to the graduates was contained in his keynote address at the 17th Commencement Convocation of the institution held over the weekend in Monrovia.

The ceremony was held on the theme, “Maintaining the Peace in Liberia for Tomorrow’s Growth and Development,” while Minister Moore delivered his convocation message on the topic, “Thoughts on the Way Forward.”

He challenged the graduates to ‘keep hope alive,’ noting that the many unforeseen circumstances that have engulfed the world do not determine one’s destiny and should not dissuade him or her from keeping hope alive.

“Hope is a belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one’s life. Hope implies a certain amount of perseverance; that is, believing that a positive outcome is possible even when there is some evidence to the contrary,” the Minister told the graduates, who responded with rounds of applause.

To keep hope alive in spite of our circumstances means “hoping when things are hopeless,” the Minister said.

“We have to learn to keep hope alive when our enemies come against us. We have to learn to keep hope alive when friends are not friendly; when neighbors are not neighborly; when our loved ones are not loving or lovable,” the Works Minister added.

He continued: “I have learned that people will be jealous of your joy; angry about your attitude; furious because of your faith; concerned because of your creativity; provoked because of your praise; and peeved because of your peace. But whatever the situation hereafter, keep hope alive and never despair when things don’t go in line with your expectations.”

Minister Moore urged the graduates not to compare themselves with other people who they think have succeeded in life. On the other hand, he called on them to eschew whatever difficult situations they may encounter as they go along in life, “because there will always be a difference.”

Of the 310 graduates, 12 obtained Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) degrees in Post Basic Medical Laboratory Technology, 36 in Post Basic Health Sciences, 15 in Biology and 12 in Social Work.

The SMP is owned and operated by the Catholic Archdiocese of Monrovia. An outgrowth of the Arthur Barclay Technical Institute, it comprises five colleges, namely the Arthur Barclay Business College; Bishop John Collins Teachers College; Mother Patern College of Health Sciences;
Monsignor Stephen Kyne Technical College; and the Monsignor John Oge Agriculture College.


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